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Edublog_Award_Wiki.jpgMHMS Daring Tech Wiki:
Digitally Shifted Prof Dev
This Wiki is a place for Murray Hill Middle School teachers to share information, tips, & professional development products for creative
external image 5277838395_1f0af1b79c_o.jpginstruction. It's also open to the world to help with all kinds information! Some pages are up to date and some are more err.."historic." As times change, this wiki changes. If you can't find something - we invite you to use the search bar on the left.
This wiki is maintained by Gwyneth A. Jones - The Daring Librarian and all original content is Creative Commons Share Alike.
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HCPSS Staff Hub

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How to Reset an HCPSS Password

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LCD Projector Care: Clean Your Filter

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How to Sign up for the Computer & Mobile Labs Online

HCPSS Staff Hub

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Classroom management tips, password help, & seating charts
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Printing Tips & Troubleshooting

Your Password Will Expire - Keychain Directions

- Very Impt!

Outlook Exchange Email

New Teacher Survival Guide

*CANVAS* Login for Attendance & Grades

Computer Lab Orientation & Tips

Computers on Wheels & Mobile Lab Google Viewing Calendar


Document Camera Magic
Connect your laptop, LCD projetor, & document camera!

MHMS New Teacher Survival Guide

All Things MacBook

LCD Displays, Change the Dock & MS Home purchase

Document Camera & LCD Magic!

HCPSS - Google Apps For Education

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Updating Adobe Reader

How to Download Chrome for MAC

Macbook Accessory Parts

Summer Countdown

Avatar Generators & Creators

Something Wiki this Ways Comes


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Welcome Back to School for Teachers

How to be an MS Word Formatting Ninja


Home Purchase of MS Office for Faculty & Staff

Common Core Resources

UDL: Universal Design for Learning


Saving Student Work

LCD Projector Care

Stolen Laptop?PoPo.png

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Clean that filter or loose your lamp!
Microsoft Office Tutorials

Media Assistant Info

Discovery Steaming & Teacher Tube

How to Find the Discovery Streaming Folder of COOL Stuff on the Server

Discovery Streaming - The Basics and Getting Started in Your Classroom

Using Discovery Streaming

Teacher Tube

Remote VCR Directions

Download the XML Converter for your Desktop

This converts .DOCX into .DOC files for you in a jiff!

Google Apps & Gmail Tips & Tricks

Ban the Boring Book Report

Product & Project Ideas!

external image 5713874738_b7b66cb36c_m.jpgFlip Camera Basics At-A-Glance

Animation Studios & Sites

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Google Tech Support Package

Cool & Fun Short Vids for MHMS Teachers -- Features YouTube Videos: MUST Watch at Home
(until we slay that locked net monster!)
MAC 101 - Introduction to the Macintosh Computer

Gmail Quick Tips & Tricks - a Comic Tutorial

iWeb Basics Cheat Sheet & Saving

Mac Mobile Lab: Training & Resource

Has Your Email Been Hacked?! Yahoo, Gmail, etc?
How to Turn on Closed Captioning on Your Classroom TV
Library Media Tech: How We Can Serve You!
Burn, Baby, Burn!Burning Backup Disks & Files to CD• Converting DOCX to Docs: Darn those Microsoft People

iWeb Tutorial and How to Backup iWeb Page

Wiki Web Design: Web 2.0 best practice or just lazy? DISCUSSION
Wiki's in Plain English - Video
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Livescribe Pencast Book Reviews

Computer & Lab Training: Procedures & Tips

ALL About Personal Learning Networks


General Tech Tips & Web 2.0 Integration Pages

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Catch that Sqworl!

iPhoto Tech Tips! - how to reduce the size of your pics using iPhoto!-

ISTE10 Resources - Great links from the Denver conference
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Flipping Over the Flip Video Camera! Tips & Tricks to Use and import into iMovie (UPDATE! 8.08 NEW Flip Mino!)
Many Voices, Many Stories, & Many Lands: a 6th Grade English Folklore Unit

Prof Dev Spring 09: BEST of MICCA, County Prof Dev Day & More!

MUVE: Synchronous Online Collaborative Learning Environments to Support Teaching - in First Life and Second Life
Airport Magic

Creating an iTunes Playlist

Sharing iTunes on a Network

Sharing iTunes COMIC STYLE!

Baytripping With Thinkport!

Keyboard Zoom!

PBS Frontline: Growing Up Online 1.22.08

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At-A-Glance Comic Tutorials

Keep Vid: How to Download YouTube Vids to your Hard Drive

Adding Widgets & Video At-A-Glance
Click on the graphic to the left for the full size version of this comic cheat sheet.

**Twitter At-A-Glance Basics**
Click on the graphic to the left for the full size version of this comic cheat sheet.

Twitter At-A-Glance Part Deux - The Art of the Follo

Click on the graphic to the left for the full size version of this comic cheat sheet.

Like Comic Tutorials? Wanna See more?
Visit my Flickr Gallery of ALL of them!

Library Media Tips, Tricks, & Resources:

Cultural Literacy

paintedhandsPosterMED.jpg Cultural Proficiency
Black History Month

Virtual Tour of Murray Hill Middle School

- MICCA Grant Winner!

Computer Humour! Video

Tech Trouble Shooting & How To Tips


Printing and Toubleshooting Hard Copy Issues
iWeb Tutorial and How to Backup iWeb Pages
• Do you know how much space you have left on the server?
Mobile Lab Training
Back Up Your Files!

Did you know? The NEW vision of tech for our Millenium Generation

Comic Life!

adding a graphic element to your instruction
Biography Unit featuring Comic Life!
All About iWeb
DC-101: Digital Camera Basics, Buying, and Use in the Classroom
Burning Backup Disks/Files

The Podcasting & Wiki Beginner Pages:

What's a Blog? the lowdown on what it is and how you can use it in the classroom
What's a Wiki? Well, you're reading one! But how are they different than a Blog?
Podcasting, Blogging, & Wiki's, Oh My!
What is Podcasting? & Uses in the Classroom
Podcasting with Powerpoint
Podcasting Links & Examples
How to Use Odeo Studio!


TeacherEase Tips & Tricks


Marks and TeacherEase
Download Marks Comments Sheet

TV Production:

USB Drives: the In, the Outs, and the Abouts

Have you seen our Media Blog?

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Other Important Wikis and Tech HCPSS Web Pages

HCPSS Research Databases
HCPSS Middle School Media Wiki
Beth DeFrancis Web Page
Free Online Resources
Blogging 101
NECC Conference Atlanta07

We <3 Our Global Visitors!

About Me
About our Media Center

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MHMS backflip site featuring our research resources and databases and 100's of folders over a 1000 links
MHMS smugmug digital photo gallery

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...why not check out....
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So, what is steampunk?

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"Steampunk lives in the reincarnated collective past of shadows and ignored alleys. It is a historical wunderkabinet, which promises, like Dr. Caligari's, to wake the somnambulist of the present to the dream-reality of the future. We are archaeologists of the present, reanimating a hallucinatory history."

"It's the Victorian era not as it was but as it should have been" - Shaunathan Sprocket - New Babbage

Steampunk Laptop
Wired has an awesome collection of photos depicting the wonderful world of steampunk mod daring librarian wiki
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