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Comic Life

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Blog Post with MORE! Creating A //Comic Life// | The //Daring// Librarian

Comic Master

A great FREE Graphic Novel Creator site from the UK with Teacher Resources & Lessons, too!

Strip Creator

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Easily make your own online comic strips. Warning: very addictive. Try it out here.
If you're using it with under 13 year olds, don't sign up for an account - just take a screenshot. Sure, you can't save them but voila! DONE!

ISTE Connects 3 Part Blog Series



I recently blogged about this on my Daring Librarian Blog - for more opinions go there!
Go! Animate Is an amazingly flexible and addictive animation tool. it has 2 levels....customizable more grown-up version (perfect for Media, classroom, school & special event promotions) and a more elementary version called Domo for use with kids! There will also a be a school version released soon! Stay tuned for that! UPDATE: IT is NOT FREE! But you can sign up for a trial account.

------>>>>Go!Animate Introduction Wikipage

MHTV PSA - Be a Star! by Gwyneth Jones on GoAnimate

GoAnimate Basics by gwynethanne on GoAnimate

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Create Your Own Go!Animate Character

with their FREE Character Creator and
Watch the animation & get the Comic Tutorial Wikipage


a very cute and easy to use tool that makes any picture (or up to 3) talk! that's right....did i just blow your mind? it's crazy how funny & cute it is.
but honestly, using it with pics of kids looks creepy...better stay with animals, historic people and cartoons. Blabberize - Make pictures that talk!
------>>>> Blabberize Introduction Wikipage


"If you can type, you can make movies" I would also change that to: "If you can type, drag & drop, and have a little patience you can make movies!"

------>>>> Xtraormal Introduction Wikipage


What's a Bitstrip? It's an Online Comic Strip, Made by YOU!

South Park Character Creator

------>>>>> South Park Character Creator Wikipage



ToonDoo: Create your own comic strips, Publish, Share & Discuss

Myths & Legends Story Creator

Myths and Legends Story Creator 2.” This site offers a completely free, extremely visual, incredibly simple, multi-media rich digital storytelling development environment that is perfect for students of all ages. Its intuitive user interface is packed with features. Take a look:

You’ve got characters and objects, the ability to upload images, text bubbles, scale, rotation & front/back controls, storyboard support, sound effects, and up to 10 “chapters” (pages) per story. There are many, many provided shapes, backgrounds and images. The site loads and responds quickly. It just WORKS! Although it is geared specifically for British myths and legends in terms of content, it could EASILY be used for MANY different subects. Their Teachers Resources section is organized for specific myths and legends but you will quickly see applications for your classroom and curriculum. If you register your school you will have the ability to manage class logins and review and approve student work. Brilliant! Check out “Myths and Legends Story Creator 2” today! --- from Kevin Jarrett, @NCS-Tech!

addingwidgets.jpgAdding Video & Widgets to Wiki & Webpages

a quick Comic Life Wikipage on How to add Video & Widgets

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