Animate_MotivateLMC.jpgHere is a collection of Animations that I've done
for examples & to see the different features!

First though, here are the animation & video channels i belong to - sometimes getting watch full screen works better from the source and this is where you can go to snag my embed script if you want to put any of my videos on your wiki's or blogs!

Go!Animate Videos:

Promoting my Library Media Center Beam Me Up Databases! by gwyneth

TV Studio: First MHTV Opening & Generic TV News Opening! (Steal it, Bend it, Break it Loose - Make it Yours!) School News for Teens! FREE TV Show Opening! by gwyneth

Library Media Marketing Through Easy Animation Webinar Promo Vid!
(Hmmm look & sound familiar? - i cheated & copied Beam Me Up Databaes & Tweaked it! LOL ) Live Long & Animate! by gwyneth

Second Life Tours: Caledon Library Interactive Bookcase & HUD and the Caledon Oxbridge University Second Life Tour 2: Caledon Oxbridge University by gwyneth

AASL Bloggers' Cafe Unconference Promotion! The Unconference@The Blogger's Cafe by gwyneth

Blabberize Videos

Xtranormal Videos:

Library Media Marketing Through Easy Animation Webinar Promo Vid!

Promoting ISTE10 Conference in Denver, CO - Webisode 1 - Sir Bolt

AASL Webisodes 1-4 Starting Clank, Cecily & Simon

Clank Calls for Library Media Student Assistant Applicants