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Using theGo!Animate Character Creator!

GoAnimate Basics by gwynethanne on GoAnimate

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Again, IF you WANT ARMS....You MUST Choose Comedy World and NOT Lil Peepz
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My 6 Mini-Me's!
Some with yellow shoes, some with black, some with glasses, and some without. You can't change outfits in GoAnimate you have to make a new avatar
so before SAVING -- check it closely! ----Oops! This screenshot caught some of my girls with their eyes closed! LOL

How do you get the character from the animation to the page?
When in full screen mode (for better quality) take screenshots! (Shift + Control + 3 in MAC) Then use Photoshop Elements or another photo editing site like the FREE online Ribbet that allows you to use the magic eraser to erase the background. Here's an example from the South Park Character site:
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Remove //Background// from //Photo// without Photoshop - A How to Guide

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Want to see all the graphics? Check out the Flickr Gallery below!

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