A Few Simple Steps & 15 Min of Prep Lead to Easy Peasy Computer Lab Orientations


Do all the steps mentioned in the graphic above then:

  1. Once you get the folder onto your desktop, review the eMac Lab Orientation Udated PPT yourself reading each slide
  2. Print out the Student Logins for your grade & keep for your own records (best thing EVER! - they are also in the computer lab schedule folder)
  3. Save or Print out the Student Login Problem form so that you can let me know which kids need help - Double check yourself that they typed it right, used the slashes and that they have the right birthday listed. Then please email me your list after you are done training all your classes.
  4. Drag the folder onto a flash drive to take to the lab with you just in case...OR once you get there login as teacher21, teacher21 and you will find i have put the folder there for you. (in case you have sync errors)
  5. Don't let the kids login until you say so when you get to that point in the PPT Presentation
  6. Start the eMac Lab Orientation Udated Powerpoint...go through each point with kids watching
  7. Talk about personal responsibility, rules & regs and consequences.
  8. Have students sign the yellow Computer Use Agreement form - printing their names & grade on top. (please collect & give to Sue Ruo)
  9. Have them login - you may also want to print out the Student Lab Login Cheat Sheet for yourself
  10. Once they login go through the slides about the NEW & BIG changes for how they save their work this year!

Computer_Lab_BWPrintable.jpgTo get the Printable LARGE Version of this comic for MAC:

Press Control + Click on Image > View Image > File Print

For PC Right Click: View Image > File Print

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