from ghacks:

How do I open docx files?

"Microsoft introduced the .docx file format in its new Office and Word applications and wants it to replace the commonly used doc format. The problem with the change from doc to docx is that many users are still working with prior versions of Word or no Microsoft product at all and face the problem that they can’t load the docx file because it is not supported in their application."

go to this Microsoft Download SITE to get the free converter for will be asked to put in your computer password. then when you open the document you'll be prompted to CONVERT it...and Voilia!
But this is ONLY good for those Macs running 4.9 and above!
sadly, all the laptops and the desktops in the school are running 4.8!!!!!!! GAH!
gee, thanks Bill Gates! sheesh!

In a Pinch? Try Zamzar
but it's NOT for students to use because they email you the link to your FREE converted document.
this is for YOU to help THEM using your email address...i've used it and it does work!
(see the civil war project doc listed below i did for Riya! LOL)


TEACHERS: PLEASE, please, please! instruct students turning in work to you that in the event of an emergency (their printer is broken, it's midnight and the public library is closed, or zombies are attacking, etc.) that they should email you their work in the BODY of an email (not as an attachment) take the time to show where your email address can be found on the school's website. this is a tech trouble shooting skill that they need to learn for high school and college. this is NOT how they are to turn in their work for every assignment just for emergencies.
also, the media center is not kinko's.....please do not send kids to the media center to print their homework, or sign passes for that for another teacher...each teacher is responsible for helping their students turn in their assigned work using the classroom computers or their teacher instructional laptop.