A great Fakebook alternative for instant student engagement & creative student production

- for fictional characters or historical figures just Friend me on Fakebook.uk!

For more great ideas, download the Nick Provenzano JFK .PPT template & more! Check out my earlier posting on The Daring Librarian Blogand this posting
Friend Me on Fakebook.uk See examples of how the MS Word Doc looks below!

Want an have an online version?

external image 5565356205_dcb78aec63.jpgFakeWall3.png




NEW! Download the Fakebook Word doc (Requires: LEGAL SIZE PAPER) Page 1

UPDATED! Fakebook Project Word Doc Page 2

NEW! 81/2 X 11" Word Doc! Page 1

NEW! 81/2 X 11" Word Doc! Page 2

NEW! Download the Fakebook Comic Doc (alter as you will but please keep my CC attribution - thanks!)