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Flipping Over the Flip Video

ok, i sorta now hate myself a wee bit for using that Capt. Obvious title...but it's true nonetheless!~

OMGosh! i LOVE the Flip Video Camera!

My GT teacher and i wrote a grant to get some for our school...we used it to film a Virtual Tour of our school
in 4 different languages and they worked great!
To create a movie you can just use the raw video footage on Flickr or TeacherTube as is....easy peasy! or you can import it into iMovie to make it a little fancier......this sometimes causes a few muttered curses.....see below for more and troubleshooting for problems at the bottom of this wiki page!

How Delete OLD Video Files Correctly - Very Important

After filming with the Flip - create a folder on your desktop called "flip video footage" (or something different that what's on the camera)
Plug in the camera using the flip up USB port (with kids, I sometimes use a USB extender - this makes file tranfer easier & doesn't stress the Flip USB stick)
Find the Flip Icon on your Desktop
Find & open the DCIM folder --> 100Video Folder --> Drag and Drop ALL video files VID00001.AVI - from the camera to your desktop "flip video footage" folder.
Then drag ALL Drag and Drop ALL video files into the trash to remove files from camera ---
VERY IMPORTANT! Empty the Trash immediately with the camera plugged in- otherwise "ghost files" will stay on the camera & take up space.
NEVER re-name the video files on the camera or in dekstop folder - they won't work after that and you'll lose that footage

Flip Video Camera User Guide

The Basics

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Getting Started
  • Slide Power Switch down on the side of camera to power on and off.
  • Note: The Flip camera will shut itself off after couple of minutes of inactivity.
To Record
  • Press Record Button. Green ready changes to a red circle on upper left of screen showing recording status.
  • Press Record Button again to stop recording.
To Zoom
  • Press + and - buttons to zoom in and out.
View Recorded Video
  • Press Play Button next to the Record Button to view recorded video.
  • Use left and right Scroll Arrows on either side of the Record Button to scroll through saved clips.
  • Press Play Button to play clip.
Delete Video
  • Navigate to desired clip using Scroll Arrows and press Delete Button.
  • Press Delete Button again at confirmation message to delete the clip.
Getting Video on your Computer (PC or Mac)
  • Pull down USB Release, located opposite the Power Switch.
  • Plug into USB port.
  • The Flip Camera will appear in the Finder(Mac) or in My Computer(PC).

Editing Video


  1. Use Finder and click FLIPVIDEO under devices in left hand column.
  2. Open "Flip Video for Mac.app" this will open the camera's built in editing program.


  1. Open My Computer and click on blue Flip Video icon opening FLIP VIDEO drive.
  2. Open "Flip Video for PC.exe" This will open the camera's built in editing program.

Both Mac and PC

====Renaming a Video====
# Click Name under desired video to rename.(Refer to Figure 1)
  1. Enter new name and click OK.
====Playing a Video====
# Click Play under desired video to review your clip.
====Editing Clip====
# Click Edit under desired video to edit from Figure 1.
  1. After clicking Edit the clip will appear larger with different buttons appearing below it.(Refer to Figures 2 &3)
  2. Click Smaller to go back to previous window.
  3. Edit video by using Start and End buttons.
  4. Drag Start to where you want video to start.
  5. Drag End to where you want video to end.
  6. Click Save New to save video to your computer.
====Saving Video to Computer====
# Click Save New to save video to your computer.

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Just put the Flip camera back into any computer on which you deleted files — then, with the Flip camera still attached, empty your trash bin.
All of the time comes right back. The only catch is if you have deleted files on many different computers. At some point, you will have to go back to those computers, insert the Flip, empty the trash and then you'll get your minutes back.
It's awesome. I am back in love with the Flip.
from ICT Assist

external image FlipMinoBlackFront.jpgUPDATE~!!! Flip-Mino-Camcorder- 60 Minutes-Black (NOT the HD version!)

Yes, i still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Flip!!

Check the daily Amazon price...today it came up as:
Flip Mino Series Camcorder, 60 Minutes (Black)- Pure Digital Technologies, Inc.
$158.98 we (beth singleton GT teacher and yours truly) wrote a MICCA grant last year lo get these handy little cameras into the hands of our kids...they're awesome!


What's the big difference? A NEW! rechargeable Internal Lithium-ion battery!

recharges when built-in USB arm is connected to a computer"
From the Manufacturer and Amazon.com
Introducing the Flip Video Mino
From the makers of the popular Flip Video Ultra comes the Mino, which puts the power of video in your pocket. The super-portable, super-simple Mino makes it easy to capture and share high-quality video anywhere and everywhere. And thanks to its flip-out USB arm and intuitive, built-in software, Mino lets you view, edit and upload your videos to popular video-sharing sites instantly. In addition to its sleek compact design--complete with touch-sensitive, backlit buttons--Mino boasts a rechargeable battery that powers up automatically while plugged into your computer or electrical outlet.

Flip Mino Highlights

Flip Mino Highlights
Flip Mino Highlights

All That Flip Video Goodness, Only Smaller
At 40% smaller than its already pocket-sized brother the Flip Ultra, the Flip Mino barely makes a dent in even the tightest of jeans. But small in size doesn't mean short on function;
Flip Mino Highlights
Flip Mino Highlights

Mino’s got all the Flip features--simple user-interface, one touch-recording, built-in USB, intuitive editing software, easy sharing functionality--that folks have come to know and love.

Sleek, Portable Design
The Flip Mino is the perfect combination of form and function. Its minimalist, retro front is the perfect complement to its high-tech modern back, with a large no-glare screen, touch-sensitive panel, and glowing backlit control buttons. All focused around Flip’s signature red record button that lets you go from pocket to recording in seconds.

With a camcorder this small and sleek, there’s no limit to where you can take it and what you'll end up shooting. From a short film to enter in your favorite festival to footage of a hot new band, the Mino makes it easy because it's always with you and always ready to go.

Mind-Boggling Quality
Despite its diminutive size, the Flip Mino produces video that rivals that of camcorders costing much, much more. With 2 GB of flash memory, the Mino can record up to 60 minutes of VGA (Video Graphics Array)-quality video that looks sharp when played back on your laptop or television (TV cable included). The high-quality microphone captures crisp, detailed audio, whether you're paddling down the Amazon, or rockin' out at your favorite club.

Revolutionary Built-in Software
Flip Video’s revolutionary software is built into the camcorder, so there's no need for clunky 3rd party software or cables. Just plug the Mino into any PC or Mac via the flip-out USB arm and you'll be viewing, organizing, editing and sharing your videos effortlessly.
Flip Mino Highlights
Flip Mino Highlights

Plus, Mino will let you upload videos directly to your AOL Video, MySpace and YouTube accounts in no time. If you just want to share your videos privately, one click of the "send via-email" button will send your clips on their way. Mino is ideal for video blogging and social networking.
Flip Mino Highlights
Flip Mino Highlights

In the Box:
  • Camcorder (with built-in rechargeable battery)
  • TV connector cable
  • Wrist strap
  • Soft carrying case
  • Quick start guide
Technical Specifications:
  • Video: Full VGA, 30 frames per second, MPEG4
  • 1.5-inch color LCD screen to play back and delete videos
  • Video quality comparable to more expensive camcorders
  • 2x digital zoom
  • TV out and connector cable for instant viewing on TV
  • Connect to computer via innovative, flip out USB arm
  • 2 GB built-in flash memory
  • Built-in rechargeable battery (Lithium Ion), charges on both USB and fast AC charger

Product Description
Mino is a camcorder that goes anywhere. Simply put it in your pocket! Then easily share your video on the web on MySpace, YouTube, and AOL.

Weighing in at just over three ounces, the remarkably slim yet powerful Flip Video Mino raises the bar for high-quality, portable, and easy-to-use video. Smaller than most cell phones, Mino fits neatly into a jeans pocket to capture life's stories whenever and wherever they happen ? at a party, a concert, the beach, even on a bike ride. The Mino also features Flip Video's built-in software that lets you simply plug the camcorder's signature flip-out USB arm into any computer for immediate editing and sharing. For the first time, the Flip Video software lets you easily upload video directly to MySpace as well as to YouTube and AOL Video, making it even easier to share video. In addition to quickly posting videos on sharing and social networking sites, they can email videos and video greeting cards; create custom movies with their own music; capture still photos from video; save and organize videos on the computer; and, for the first time, seamlessly order and send DVDs anywhere in the world. Custom editing of movie mixes, with the option to set them to your own music Capture of still photos from video Order DVDs online and have them shipped anywhere in the world TV connection for instant viewing (cable included) Tripod mountable Internal rechargeable battery delivers up to 4 hours of use between charges Unit Size is only 3.94 x 1.97 x 0.63 HWD

Flip Video** Camcorder: 60-Minutes

i will resist the expeced "i've flipped over the flip" AGAIN....but just barely because admitedly, i have!

we (beth singleton GT teacher and yours truly) wrote a MICCA grant to get these handy little cameras into the hands of our kids...they're awesome!

external image 41wRF5Nvk4L._AA280_.jpg
external image 41wRF5Nvk4L._AA280_.jpg
**Flip Video - The Official Website**Forget ever having to say "I wish you could have been there" again. Starting today, there’s Flip Video — a revolutionary, simple way to shoot video anywhere ...

whatever you do, whether you buy the Flip or the Small Wonder (see below) make sure you buy an extnsion USB cable you don't *NEED* it but it makes life so much easier!

& the Flip works with iMovie!!...just make sure to download the included Flip software (inside the camera!) before you try and import the files into iMove...it doesn't have to be *ON* just there..
why? i don't know...i just know it DOES work and the RCA Small Wonder does NOT with iMovie

**RCA** EZ201 **Small Wonder** 60 Minute Point-and-Shoot

external image RCA_Sm_Wonder_EZ201.jpg
external image RCA_Sm_Wonder_EZ201.jpg

**RCA Small Wonder**

With the RCA Small Wonder, there is no easier way to share and save the moments worth remembering.

Two differences i've found in these cameras with side-by-side video experimenting. RCA small wonders ALL come with tripod attachment ability on the bottom(not all flips do, early ones didn't -make sure yours does!)...
and the RCA Small Wonder has the viewer abilit to turn towards you for easy Vlogging! (PLEASE FLIP!! copy that feature! pretty please!!!!) but what RCA doesn't have is the ability to easily use with iMovie...and as a MacGrrl...i gotta have that!

Still on the fence? Can't decide between the Flip and the Small Wonder?

Watch SLJ gadget dude Jeff Hasting's video review!

Click his pic below:

Basic Tips for Bringing in Flip Video into iMovie

Tamara R. S. Woodget writes:
Gwyneth - Okay so I used my flip at MICCA and now need to download for the first time and import into iMovie -
do you have a quick and dirty way or quick fix how to sheet?

Tammy, not really, i started to write one but depending on the OS and the iLife you have it's different!!
  • download the flip software included ON the camera on the computer you plan to use for importing into iMovie
  • if you have a NEW macbook you might need to download some extra stuff ...i'll paste that below....
  • you don't need to USE the software but it has to be on the machine (go figure...don't ask!)
  • most impt. you do NOT drag and drop the video clips...you have to IMPORT them ...file>import otherwise you'll get the dreaded "white screen" clips....

it's worth the effort...i found it works best on an RP1 eMac with burning capability~!
not the newer macbooks...that's what we use! also check this out!

For the MacBook or newer MAC OS computers:

There may be four things that you need to make sure are updated on your computer.

We have been trying combinations of things here at ELMS and sometimes only one or two of these items need to be updated, other times all four need to be updated.

Update Quicktime
Update or install Divx for Mac Converter (http://www.divx.com/divx/mac/)
Update or install 3ivx (when you plug in the Flip Ultra, this program install automatically comes up)
Update Flip4Mac for QuickTime (http://www.flip4mac.com/)

The new flip cameras work with iMovie 08 without any installs, but these updates should make the camera compatible with iMovie 06.

Some troubleshooting advice from Flip....

Sound but no Video? or only have 5 mins left but no files on your camera?

Welcome to a problem that is well-known by Flip Makers. Here's the email I got from them in response:

We suggest trying the following to regain your full record time.

Connect your camcorder to your computer and open your DCIM/100VIDEO folder. This folder is where your videos are stored on your Flip Video. When your videos are manually renamed within this folder, they are no longer recognized by the Flip Video program. Please ensure that all videos in this folder are carrying their original name. For example, VID#####.AVI where ##### is any number between 00001 and 99998. Then, delete all videos you have previously saved from this folder. Your videos can not be retrieved once they are deleted, so please make sure you have the videos you wish to keep saved into another folder before doing this.

Also make sure you have deleted any videos that reside outside of the DCIM/100VIDEO folder within your camcorder’s root directory.

After you have deleted all videos, disconnect your camcorder and check on your record time. If you have still not regained your full record time, please reconnect your camcorder and empty your “trash can”. Then, power your camcorder on and off 8 times.

If this does not alleviate the issues you are experiencing, please notify us and we will take the next appropriate step.

Thank you,
Flip Support

None of those steps worked for our camera. Thankfully we're only missing about 3 min of recording time, not the huge amount you're missing, so after hitting this stonewall I decided to leave resolution to another day.

Try the steps above, see if they work for your camera. If not, try contacting the company -- and let me know what "the next appropriate step" is (probably smashing it against a wall).

Mike Hobson
Media Specialist, Oakland Mills HS

Michael Hobson writes:
When I was at OMHS we had the same issue with one Flip. Can't say we ever resolved it -- I gave up as we were only missing 2 minutes of time. To avoid in the future, don't erase clips via your computer, instead use the Flip's built-in system for erasing clips.

I would stay away from the new Flip Mino series. I own a Flip Mino HD at home -- it's great for filming my own kids, but I wouldn't buy one for school use. The smaller, daintier size is a worry with students who may drop one. Many of the buttons are flush (pressure sensitive, not click) and don't always register when you press them. And the Mino HD produces video with 4x greater resolution, but that means larger file sizes that require more time to transfer to the computer, more hard drive space, and more time to process when editing -- great for home memories, but it goes against the beauty of a quick-n-dirty solution for educational video.

OMMS owns three 30 min Flips. I doubt we'll ever need 60 min on one camera. That saves some money right there. We'll be buying 1 or 2 more next year.

Another drawback with the Flips is that they always begin numbering clips with 0001. That means you can't keep importing clips into the same folder -- they'll rewrite older clips. You should always make a new folder (name it with the date) to import new clips.