Click The Large Picture for the Google Tech Support Created Just for You!
Google created this as a fun holiday gift for parents, but it was so cool I thought we could use it for quick tech tips on a variety of subjects. All of the Cool & Fun videos are only a few min but because they're YouTube Videos: you're gonna have to Watch at Home (That is, until we slay that locked net monster!)
See below for individual Video topics!
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It just so happens that I put together this tech support care package for you. I picked out some videos that you can watch to learn how to:

external image N92BaOnunGk.jpg
copy & paste

external image gdpnUf13EOA.jpg
change your desktop background (Mac)

external image z3Min1pojo8.jpg
make text bigger (or smaller)

external image kOEP7jAD3oQ.jpg
change your screensaver (Mac)

external image 0RCsHJfHL_4.jpg
create a strong password

external image b8fk9HhHp2c.jpg
change your default homepage

external image Piic445ymRY.jpg
browse the web with tabs

external image EGeFx0w-tsc.jpg
stop getting a newsletter

external image WXJuO7fho2A.jpg
create an email signature

external image 3vcLyvoKYZc.jpg
know if an email is real

external image H4hbQtW7yyc.jpg
check email on your phone

external image l2EmJAJ5-a4.jpg
transfer files between computers

Keep me posted,
Gwyneth - The Daring Librarian