Library Media Center Promotions and Public Service Announcements

external image 513NJ5KKW1L._SL500_AA240_.jpgWhen studying the book Building Influence for the School Librarian: Tenets, Targets & Tactics....(great book, and a MUST for any Media Specialist!) part of that book spoke about Library Media Promotions so that the community and the school (and your principal) knows what's going on in your facility!

Years ago (2006) i started our MHMS Library Media Blog after attending the AASL conference in Pittsburgh where i saw that some Media Specialists were making this new Web 2.0 tech work for them......and for a while that was our only web page...and our voice promoting our programs to the community. i have since added a Wiki (this one~!) and our MHMS Library Media iWeb Page Another great way to promote your Media Center is to create Public Service Announcements. On the blog i started posting or embedding our iMovie productions & PSA's. So you can go back to our blog and do a search for these posts to see the original context and other info that went with them or just see the movies/cartoons gathered here!

Calling on the popularity of the Twilight book series i made this Blabberize PSA to get our Media Books back
in a very MarySue Slash Slash kinda way! LOL

Bookfellas...don't mess with these guys...bring back your overdue books...OR ELSE!

Bookfoo! Through our A+ partnership with the Howard County Public Library the MHMS video production team was chosen one year to make the middle school Summer Reading promotion video for the ENTIRE state of Maryland! Because of movie copyright (i tracked down permissions for each one or only played -30 seconds) we chose to make the video very RETRO!

Also, part of our A+ parthnership with the Howard County Public Library we created this to Promote the Summer Reading List...this is also on our wiki