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Library Media Tech@MHMS

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MHMS Library Media Online Schedule
Murray Hill Middle School Media Center 410.880.5897-extension Ms. JonesX512 – Mrs. BlackX525
Learning. Happens. Here.
Gwyneth A. Jones – Teacher-Librarian & Technology Specialist
Robin R. Black – Library Media Assistant & Collection Development Manager

The mission of the Murray Hill Middle School media program is to ensure that students and staff are lifelong learners who can access, evaluate, and use information in both print and non-print forms as well as engage in reading for discovery and personal enjoyment. Further, the Program strives to serve as a literary, multi-media, and technological learning commons for the students, staff and community of Murray Hill Middle School.

The Murray Hill Library Media Program will:
Encourage students to increase their enjoyment and abilities in reading, listening, and viewing.
Increase students' information literacy by teaching students to search, locate, select, evaluate, create, and present information.
Prepare students to become independent, confident, and lifelong learners.
Prepare students to become ethical users and creators of information in all its forms.
Excellence is our standard.

Hours of Operation - 8:40 am - 3:15 pm, Monday-Friday
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Ms. Jones’s Media Teaching Schedule

Students can come to the Library Media Center to exchange & check out books:
ANY day and ANY time as long as they have teacher permission & a signed agenda book. (The Media center is closed ONLY during academic testing, administrative meetings, & for zombie attack.)
Or at ANY time during ANY class with teacher permission and a signed agenda book.

Check-out Details:
Students may check out up to two books for up to three weeks and can renew books at anytime. However, students may have more books if needed for a special project or assignment - you just need to ask! :-)
Students may check out up to two reference books overnight. These are checked out at the end of the school day, and are returned before homeroom the next day. They may be renewed for multiple days. But also, don’t forget our awesome databases!
Students may check out one audio CD book or playaway at a time. If you need a portable CD player we have those to loan with them along with backpacks! (Old skool style, baby!)

The official HCPSS stance is: Students with overdue books cannot check out new books until their account is reconciled. But at MHMS we will never not give a kid a book if they want or they need one.
We also don’t charge overdue fees. And off the record, we’d rather have the books back than the money! So please keep trying to find those lost books for the next kid to enjoy.

MHMS Media Center Procedures:
Because the MHMS Community values the resources provided by our Media Center, the following procedures must be followed so that all may use and enjoy the Media Center:

When entering by yourself or in a small group:
Check in with either Ms. Jones or Mrs. Black showing your signed agenda book and let us know if you need any help.
Ask permission before using a computer for any reason other than the PAC.
HCPSS says no free Google searching on the Internet or checking personal email allowed at any time in a middle school.

Because we want to help as many people as possible, all people should:
Use quiet voices when in the Media Center if students are taking a test or if we’re researching. But if we’re brainstorming and doing a hands-on activity connected with teaching, creating, & learning- then productive chaos is all good!
Maintain safety at all times (no running, tipping on chairs, pushing, etc. unless we’re filming a lip dub, doing a fashion show, or creating a cool project - be careful, no stunt doubles are provided!)
Use the materials with care and respect - they’re community property.
Treat other students and teachers with care and respect.
Observe the MHMS Expectations as you would anywhere in our school.

Thank you for taking your part in making our Library Media Center a learning commons and a place for creativity!

Library Media Procedures: Fun Reading for ALL!
Scheduling Classes

Library Media orientations occur through English classes after we input all the names of the students and their responsible parties into the CIRC computer after Labor Day.

To use the library facility for a whole class please consult our Wiki_Side_Graphic.jpgfirst to see if it's available, then email 24 hours before your desired time. If you would like the Teacher Librarian's involvement with the class, please sign up at least 72 hours ahead of time and directly consult with Media Specialist during your planning so that brainstorming, pulling of materials, research for reference materials, Internet resources, wiki web design, and other such preparations can be made. Got an idea about a collaborative lesson? Email Gwyneth Jones (NOT Gwendolyn Jones) via CLC and let’s talk about it!

Independent Student Media Visits: Kids Flying Solo

Students (individuals or small groups of no more than 2 at a time) are welcome to visit the Media Center for book return or book selection during the following times:

  • Before the morning broadcast of MHTV to quickly return a book or check out a book (must check in with homeroom teacher & have permission)
  • During ANY class, ANY day, ANY time, with a signed agenda book.
  • During Seminar with a signed agenda book (2 per classroom at a time) according to the following schedule

At other times individual students may come to the Media center with a pass for the following reasons:

  • Out of class assignment (ex. student injury that prevents PE activity, exclusion from health class, etc.) students must have a written note and a detailed lesson plan so that expectations are clearly understood by the student before arriving to the LMC and work on the assignment can be done independently.
  • Quick research or fact check with a pass detailing the subject or question that needs to be explored.
  • Earned time to read book/magazine.

If you have more than 2 students who
  • Need to come to the Media Center to take a TEST please CALL ahead to see if they can be accommodated.
  • Please Note: Media Specialist/Assistant may not always be able to work one on one with student due to technology needs and or LMC class schedules and misbehaving students will be sent back to the classroom immediately.

Students should NOT be sent to the Media Center:
  • By a SUBSTITUTE Teacher for any reason except to return a book.
  • To “look something up” on the Internet – This is HCPSS policy - No free Internet searching. Classroom teachers are expected to let the student use their laptop or classroom desktop for that with direct supervision.
  • To “play on the computer” as a reward
  • As a punishment for bad behavior (please send these students to the Front Office or your classroom buddy)
  • Without a direct purpose or task

On the RARE occasion that the Media Center is not staffed on a particular day or is being used for meetings or Professional Development, students may not visit the Media Center during that time for any reason. If this should occur an announcement would be made on the MHMS CLC conference and in the morning on the MHTV morning news broadcast that the Media Center is closed

What's a Wiki?

A wiki is a web site that lets any visitor become a participant: you can create or edit the actual site contents without any special technical knowledge or tools. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection. A wiki is continuously “under revision.” It is a living collaboration whose purpose is the sharing of the creative process and product by many. One famous example is Wiki-pedia, an online encyclopedia with no “authors” but millions of contributors and editors. The word "wiki" comes from Hawaiian language, meaning "quick" or "fast."

At Murray Hill we have two wikis. This wiki that you're reading is our MHMS Tech wiki for teacher PD & resources. We also have a MHMS Learning Wiki to use with students. This wiki has our Research Databases & teacher wikipages. Every teacher at MHMS is invited to join our wiki and to have their own Wikipage on our MHMS Learning wiki. Just ask & I can get you set up to go in 5 min!

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