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Call 410-313-7004 with your E number to reset or fix your Active Directory Account. (Same as w/ Google Apps!)
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Q: How do I connect to Exchange with my iPhone, iPad, Android, or other Active-Sync capable mobile device?
A: These settings will allow you to make an Active Sync connection to the Exchange 2010 server:
    • iOS Device Setup
    • Settings:
      • email address: Your email address@hcpss.org
      • Password: Computer Password
      • If prompted:
        • Server: mail.hcpss.org
        • Domain: hcpss
        • Username: Computer Username
        • Password: Computer Password
        • Make sure SSL is set to On
    • Setup Wizard
    • Reference by Device Typ (PLEASE NOTE: As new OS's come out MS Exchange might be slow in directions)


Outlook Web App

-- Exchange is a cloud based product! It's always the latest version & you get your mail anywhere!
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Exchange/Outlook Web App: Junk Email is missing in Actions Menu

We have noticed the Junk E-mail option is missing in the Actions menu (located in the Reading pane) although the "Automatically filter junk e-mail" is selected in Options.

Turn off and back on the Junk E-mail Settings in Options.

1. In the upper right corner of the OWA screen, click Options > See All Options > Block or Allow.
2. Below Junk E-Mail Settings, select Don't move e-mail to my Junk E-Mail folder.
3. Click Save.
4. Below Junk E-Mail Settings, select Automatically filter junk e-mail.
5. Click Save.
6. Click Sign Out.
7. Sign back in to OWA. The Junk E-Mail menu item is in the Actions menu.