external image IMAGE.jpegSchooled by Gordon Korman

Capricorn is not your typical 8th grader. He's spent his entire life on a hippie commune with his grandmother, Rain. That is until she falls and breaks her hip and has to be in the hospital for several weeks. Then Capricorn is thrown in to the local middle school, clueless to the unspoken patterns and rules of middle school students. He's also thrown into the household of a single mom with a teenage daughter who takes an instant dislike to his naiive ways. Back at school he has other troubles making friends. Following the tradition of electing the dorkiest kid class president, Cap soon assumes his new role. The problem is, Cap is so trusting, innocent, with no hidden agenda, he has no clue he's the victim of the biggest prank in Claverage Middle School history. Much like our ESOL kids this fish out of water story helps bring home the challenges all students have when they don't know the social rules of any community.
Told from the point-of-view of various characters, the book moves quickly. Readers will laugh at and sympathize with Cap's attempts to survive and adapt to this new world, all while teaching everyone else lessons in being a decent person. I really enjoyed this book, I read it in one sitting during spring break, (it was that engaging) and I highly recommend it. ~ Gwyneth Jones - Murray Hill Middle School
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