Murder or Not? Monday 8:30

Science forensics....
Crime Scene....working in labs...with mobile labs, representatives from each group...then goes back and teach the other people in their group.
Extra labs...10 min...interviews, evidence, email, foresnsics, footprint=height, physical characteristics.
Murder Or Not? Problem-basMurder or Not Linked Learning in the Classroom
[Session : Model Lesson]
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Angie Hammons, Bunker R-III School District with Karla Cumins, Andrew Myers and Nancy Nodine-Hassert
Monday, 6/25/2007, 8:30am–9:30am; GWCC B313B/314
Participants will investigate the apparent murder of an individual through problem-based learning techniques. The focus will be on cross-curricular integration using technology within the classroom.
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21st-century Teaching & Learning—Project-Based & Problem-Based Curricula
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NETS Summary:
The model activity will show how problem based learning and the integration of technology can be used within the classroom. The project aligns to the student NETS in that they will utilize and manage the technology as a tool to complete the project. By showing teachers the activity, we will show them how to develop similar activities for their classrooms.

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A place of mystery, the ancient home of the Forrester Family is called Raintree Mansion. You play a reporter assigned to investigate the strange disappearance of the last scion of the Forrester Family who was last seen entering this haunted place to learn the mysteries of his forebears.

As you solve the puzzle of the old house and file your reports with the local newspaper, your writing skills will improve as well as your critical thinking.

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