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Welcome to Murray Hill Middle School!
HCPSS has created many wonderful resources to help the new teacher or educator (or just new to HCPSS!) . Below you will find links to these sites, some are stored on Alfresco, which is our county document repository. At the end of this page is embedded a helpful New Teacher Needs Self-Assessment Survey that will be used to help us better understand the needs of our new, new to HCPSS and MHMS, and non-tenured teachers and to drive professional development and mentoring.

What's the Password?

A few password housekeeping tips. Within 3 days of employment you should have your Active Directory Network password. To get this, call the Technology Help Desk at 410-313-7004 with your employee ID or E number (found on the top of your paycheck) and they will help you out!
Some of the resources below you will need to sign in using your Active Directory Network password (this is the same password you will use for your laptop, GAfE, and for your Outlook Exchange mail)

Need Help?

If there's a resource you need & can't find here please don't hesitate to email your enthusiastic Daring Teacher Librarian, Gwyneth_Jones (@) hcpss.org!
or Ms. Laura_Wallen (@) hcpss.org, on the 7th grade team, who is our official Teacher Development Liaison and is a warm, wonderful, helpful
person who will go out of her way to assist you in acclimating yourself to our school, county, district, and community! MHMS also has many educators who are ready to help you! If you need connecting people to their teams and positions please feel free to ask Gwyneth or Ms. Bell our Library Media Assistant.

Got Flashdive?

Make sure to stop by the Daring School Library Media Center to get your FREE flashdrive loaded with a folder full of goodies! We will also give you a pair of computer speakers!

Lamination Nation

We're here for you! Ms. Bell will laminate your posters and classroom decorations for you - we have a 24 hour turnaround in August-September and a 48 hour turn-around the rest of the year.

Back to School Night Special

We've made a BTSN customized template for you to download & make your own. Easy, peasy, & a time saver! Check out the archived ones from the last couple years to see which you like best. All Creative Commons!

Acronym City

Snagged out of the Success! Digital Handbook below - this is one helpful document to help you get the hang of all the HCPSS and MHMS acronyms!

New Teacher Orientation Wiki

This is an outstanding wiki chock full of helpful links, documents, and resources for the new teacher! The getting started in your classroom and differentiating instruction areas are particularly helpful. But the real star of this site is the building relationships with family and community page! Please consider adding this to your browser dock for easy clicking!
(Don't know how? Ask Gwyneth! )

Success! A Digital Handbook for New Teachers

Including the amazingly helpful Education Acronym Guide! ---Requires HCPSS Alfresco Sign In
A great folder to download and share via a flash drive to new teachers as an ongoing reference guide! Truly a star of this resource (in our opinion) is the Acronym guide! Where was this when we started? From CPD to SSP this guide is pure gold!
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Instructional Strategies Quick Reference Guide

Ever want to know what the Big 6, K-W-L-S, and Jigsaw really were but afraid to ask?
Check out this handy quick reference guide!

Instructional Resources Dashboard

The Instructional Strategies website by the office of Library Media is a quick handy reference guide to so many of the buzzwords and strategies that teachers & admins fling about with rarely a definition. We think it’s so helpful to new teachers who have heard of The Big 6 but may not really know what it is! The instructional resources dashboard site is also a great matrix of commonly needed resources. Please consider bookmarking this site!

PDS Mentoring Wiki

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Mentoring in a Professional Development School Resource Materials - Downloadable docs!
The PDS Mentoring Wiki is a one-stop shop for many helpful resources and documents to assist the mentor teacher throughout the year. From the Role of the Mentor, Co-Teaching, to Communication Skills for Effective Mentoring this one site has it all. A must to bookmark & share site!

From Edutopia:

New Teachers: Resource Roundup

From classroom management to working with parents, lesson planning to learning environments, this compilation of blogs, videos, and other resources provides an array of tips and advice for teachers just starting out.

external image resourceroundup-newteachers.gifResources by Topic:

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From Scholastic:

ScholasticNew Teacher Survival Guide

A survival guide for new elementary and middle school teachers filled with resources, tools, printables. and tips – updated every month with seasonal themed lesson plans. Though this is a commercial site, the ideas, resources, & lessons are all sourced from well-respected real teachers. This is a handy go-to guide well worth bookmarking!

SLO's - Student Learning Objectives

  1. Student Learning Objectives (//SLOs//) //Teachers// - //Maryland// State **...**
    Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) are measurable instructional goals established for a specific group of students over a set period of time. SLOs serve as one ...
  2. //SLO// Template for //Teachers//
    Dec 19, 2012 - MSDE rev. 12/19/2012. Student Learning Objective (SLO). Template for Teachers. Teacher's Name: Content/Subject Area: School: Date: ...
  3. Scoring Process
    Student Learning Objectives (SLO) Scoring Process. for the Maryland Teacher Evaluation Model. This guidance is intended to assist evaluators in scoring ...
  4. Chapter 15: Student Learning Objectives (//SLOs//) - //Maryland// State **...**
    Rationale for Using SLOs. In schools across Maryland, professional learning communities of teachers and school leaders meet regularly to identify areas of ...
  5. Student Learning Objectives (//SLO//) | Center on Great //Teachers// and **...**
    Find out how to use student growth in evaluating teachers of students with disabilities ... This sample SLO from Howard County Public Schools, MD is focused on ...

Needs Assessment - Fishing for Some Information

Please take a few minutes to fill out this brief (really!) needs self-assessment Google survey form.

Tech Tips & Troubleshooting Links

Printing Tips & Troubleshooting
Your Password Will Expire - Keychain Directions
- Very Impt!
Outlook Exchange Email
New Teacher Survival Guide
*ASPEN* Login for Attendance & Grades
Computer Lab Orientation & Tips
Computer / MobileLab Google Calendar
All Things MacBook
LCD Displays, Change the Dock & MS Home purchase
Document Camera & LCD Magic!

4 Tips to a Really Super Password
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Home Purchase of MS Office for Faculty & Staff

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Common Core Resources

UDL: Universal Design for Learning

How to Reset a Student Password
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How to Download YouTube Videos
Updating Adobe Reader
How to Download Chrome for MAC
Macbook Accessory Parts
Avatar Generators & Creators
Something Wiki this Ways Comes

KeepVid: How to Download YouTube Videos

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How to be an MS Word Formatting Ninja


Saving Student Work

Document Camera Magic