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Step 1: Join Odeo, it just takes a few seconds!

Starting out, I recommend using a free online recording site like OdeoStudio, you can, in just minutes, record and share your own podcast!
Register for a FREE account ! You’ll get an hour’s worth of FREE recording and hosting!
(gotta give a shout out and thanks to Preetam Rai, a teacher in southeast asia who kindly shared some of his
directions and graphics for this page! NEVER re--invent the wheel people! see the link to his blog at the bottom of this wiki)

Step 2: Creating a Podcast

a) The first thing we will do is to create a podcast. Think of podcasts as a radio show. You can have a podcast called “Classroom News” that might have episodes of what is going on in your classroom on a regular basis. You might have another podcast called “Technology Tips” where in each episode you might talk about another helpful technology tip you would like to share with fellow teachers, students and staff. Later on you can create individual episodes and add them to your podcast.
Right now you should just create a podcast to get started.
Look at the My Podcasts tab on the right hand side of your page and click on “Create one!”

b) Odeo will ask you for some details about your podcast. Try to be as descriptive as possible. Enter the description
Tags are good to add for search engines. Pick related words to your podcast so that people searching will find you!
Words like: vacation, classroom, "middle school" (paired words should be joined with quotes), reading, travel, etc...
just think of the words that you would associate with the podcast and add them!
If there is a website that goes with this podcast (like your blog, teacher web page, etc.) put that in!
c) Once you have submitted you podcast details, you will see the following screen.
We are done with podcast creation. Preetam Rai , (a teacher & online friend and collegue in Thailand
who gave me permission to snag some of graphics and directions for this page) called his podcast “Thailand Travel Podcast”

Next you will add some audio or individual episodes into your podcast.

All you have to do now is to

Click....RECORD Audio...


But WAIT! .......Tips for good podcasting:

• Have a script ready and use it! Or at least have a bulleted list of talking points, or things to cover.

• Speak clearly, slowly, with emphasis (smile!) and breathe through your nose.

• Practice several times, out loud, before you start recording.


powered by ODEO
here's a pic of our AWEsome Bilingual Community Liaison - Mehae Roldan recording her greeting message to our community...see how easy it is!???

Click, Record New Audio


Recording New Audio

Picture_4.pngWhen asked, click Allow.

Now You’re Ready!

Here You Go!

• Click Record when you’re ready!

• When you’re done speaking, click Stop.


• Click Play to listen and preview what you just recorded.

• If you like it, click Save Recording.

• If you don’t like it, click Clear Audio, and try it again.


Saving Your Audio/Podcast

When saving your audio…you can add a:

  • title

  • description of the audio

  • URL or Link to a website associated with the audio

  • picture/image or a graphic to the audio

You can also place in a podcast that you have previously created (highly recommended!) by just dropping down and selecting it.

Click Save when ready!


Type in a Title. Make sure that your titles are descriptive enough. You can type in a longer description, too. If you have a blog post of some other pages relating to the topic you recording, you could put the address of that page in the Link area. You might also want to add in an image of the things you are talking about!

You can make this audio a part of your podcast by selecting your podcast from the “Place in:” option right at the bottom.

Drop down and find the name of the podcast you created already...select it and you're ready to go!

Also note the MP3 link in pink above....copy and paste that URL and send or post to anyone

anywhere and they'll hear your audio recording!

Where your podcast is going to be published?

You can easily place the html or the audio link that is generated from ODEO on your CLC webpage, your school’s webpage, or your blog! Odeo will even give you the generated URL for the mp3 file if you want to send or post just that!

Copy and paste the Audio HTML to where you want it to show up! Blog, webpage, wherever HTML is allowed.

If you’re putting it on your CLC webpage (HCPSS employees or First Class Mail users), copy and paste the html then make sure to highlight the HTML and go up to Style and select Literal Html.


Submitting Your Podcasts to iTunes &

Letting Your Friends, Students, Teachers and Community Know About Them!

a) Go the My Podcasts tab and click on the name of your podcast.
external image 200611140954.jpg
b) The next page shows you the subscription link for you podcast. You can copy this link and email to your friends or display it on your website.
external image 200611140959.jpg
Step 5: Listening to your podcasts on iTunes
a) If you or your friends are new to podcasts, you can refer them to this section of the tutorial. Your friends may need to download, install and run iTunes (from www.itunes.com) in order to subscribe and listen to podcasts. Once iTunes is running, they will need to go to the Advanced menu item and choose Subscribe to Podcast

external image odeo18itunes_subscribetopodcast.jpg
b) A small window will open up asking for the address of the podcast. They will have to copy the address of your podcast feed (from the email you sent them or from your website) and paste it over here.
external image odeo18itunes_subscribetopodcast2.jpg
Click on ok after pasting the address.
c) iTunes will start downloading the individual episodes.
external image odeo18itunes_subscribetopodcast3.jpg
From now on whenever you have a new episode, the iTunes on your friend’s computer will automatically download the new episode.

word2000EXSM.jpgWant a hard copy of a shorter version of this in WORD form? Click here! -->

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