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chapter 1
Living Their Lives Essentially Online
"the new wild west, there's no one in charge"
no break, IM, texting...can't be out of the loop or VM
"parents don't know how to get to the printer or email" tried to use parental controls....but the kid got around it by using encyclopedia britanica as a front
"you can be more crazy online because no none is watching what you're doing"
"have we let our fears for their safety run wild?"
chapter 2
A Revolution in Classrooms and Social Life
"we (as teachers) have to be interactive because they are used to having 20 windows open at the same time"
"overexposed to the quickness of things and the immediate responses's difficult for a lot of students"
"i never read books" i get sparknotes...and read it online i read Romeo & Juliet in 5 min...."i don't have time"
myspace and facebook kids vie for who can collect the most friends...with over 2000 friends you have only really met 200 friends and only close to really 50 friends
cyberbullying...on myspace you can't say it to my face but you can say it on myspace....then video phones came out and posted the fight on youtube
"they're more comfortable being more public than we were..discretion privacy is something of the past"
chapter 3
Self Expression, Trying on New Identities
"i went into the bathroom, took a picture then uploaded it and sent it then deleted it off my computer, i didn't really think of it, it was just something to do it was just like a picture"
"you want to look kinda look hot but you don't want to look too hot because you don't want to look like a whore"
"model shots"
a "digital representation of our identities" a punk rocker, surfer, sex pot, goth
jessica hunter aka Autumn EdowsBlind_To_The_World__by_Autumn_Edows.jpg
" i never fit the mold, i would try and try and try and it was never me" (bullying) goth names "felt so insecrure like an aliern in thies all white bread town" but online she was a goth model and artist pinup named "Autumn Edows"
her parents didn't know...."they wouldn't understand i would like my a$$ off ..just to keep my identity sacred"
she was only 14 but she was posing as she was she was 18...."i didn't feel like myself - i felt like i was someone else
but i didn't like being myself i was famous" principal deemed it "provocative and inapropriate" "i was called a whore"
chapter 4
The Child Predator Fear - "one bad judgement and pay for it" "someone can always find everything"
"the scariest worst part for me is stalkers" "kids think, i'm in my home what bad could happen to me?"
"as a way to keep tabs of her kids internet activity" she's put the computer in the kitchen
"parents need to take control of the computer" says one says she wants her kids to give her their passwords andd
seal it in an envelope only to use if a predator/disappear/abuducted or an emergency...the kids say..."he thinks she
would open the envelope" ....tori says "i'd rather not use our computer and just use it at a friends house then have my mom
go into my personal stuff and private life and take charge of it. it's my own stuff"
kids are more savvy than we give them credit for - dept. of justice. kids know how to avoid the predators most kids
are just "collier - myspace unravelled" 1 in 7 kids were sexually solicited online - the 19 year old to the 17 year old "hey baby"
kids engaging risky behavior online - they're doing even more risky behavior offline - social network" kids going out LOOKING for a
meeting with someone - they were not decieved not as victims but as participants...real problems, real damage, can
result from damage teenagers do to each other and that's what we need to think about"
chapter 5
Private Worlds Outside Parent's Reach?
"the real me" "when i'm online i'm the real person i'm 100% the real me" a little "niche of my own" but then it makes me
feel worse because i know there are other sick people out there... Pro-Ana they worship Ana..."what do you parents know?" - "nothing"
find ways to starve and not's ok to be thin....
Rock concert...into NYC....highschoolers going into the city on the train....a ton of pictures taken,
"open public drinking, vomiting" "MSQ ran out of wheelchairs" ..PTO president shared the info...sent out a letter to ALL
the parents....50% was great....."who the hell do you think you are? stay out of our lives? are you naive?" and the
kids were furious.
"the internet has created the greatest generation gap since rock and roll"
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