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Packing Your LMC for new carpeting?

Some tips from those who have been through the process!

1) How do we determine the number of boxes to order and is there a specific type we should request?
We usually estimate one box per shelf plus a number of extras.

2) Whom in warehouse should we contact about the boxes?
Send a Pick-Up/Delivery Form that indicates the number of boxes you want to the Warehouse. Warren is the person there to contact if you have additional questions.

3) Whom in warehouse do we contact about the removal of our shelving?
CeCe usually handles this.

4) How do we arrange for the fabulous boxing men to come help us--or is that a question we ask Cece Clement?
Yes, CeCe is the person who arranges for the boxing help. Remember - these people don't have library experience. They will follow directions and are best at moving boxes around, not necessarily packing them.

5) What is a reasonable request for closing the media center early?
Three weeks seems like a reasonable request.

Carol Fritts
Coordinator of Media and Educational Technology

1. If you have any floor outlets or ethernet drops, you will need to have Zed or other wiring guys come to your school to handle dismantling them temporarily. They will need to be re-activated after the carpet is installed. (Chris Fox, TSC tech, recommends emailing Charles Overly about this. - DR~TRES)

2. Furniture that sits in the middle of the room will be moved. If it is bolted together or bolted to the floor, it will be dismantled, not always carefully. Our furniture was damaged when dismantled and I had to make several calls to get the company to send someone to fix it. If your custodian is capable of taking your furniture apart, I'd recommend that. The carpet people don't have a vested interest.

3. I had our wall shelving removed to place carpeting under the shelving, in case I ever wanted to move or relocate shelving. It turns out that my shelving wasn't properly attached to the walls! This was remedied when the carpeting was completed.

4. I made sure I did my inventory and packed up at the same time. Don't overpack the boxes. We labeled the boxes by number and labeled the shelves with the same number. (example - Fic 1, Fic 2, etc.) that way boxes can be unpacked in order.

Lisa Flynn
Manor Woods Elementary

Weed first if you need to.
Try to put the books in rows in boxes, don't try to squeeze them in any which way. It will make unpacking easier.
Number the boxes and put the call number range on the outside.
Expect the boxes to be moved again after you organize them and have them in order.

Janice Kubiak
Cradlerock School

I found it was very helpful to have color-coded paper (yellow = NF, blue = E, green = F, etc.) On those color sheets I pre-printed
_ Media Center
box #
Contents: __

(to save paper you could do two on a page)

and as each box was packed I wrote the box number and what call number range it contained and taped it to one side of the box. When it came time to unpack, the different colors made it easy to group the boxes, and the box#s and call number ranges made it easy to make sure we unpacked in order.

I even had another color for circ desk and one for the media office, etc.

Connie Lippenholz
Veterans Elementary School

I came into the THES LMC at the unpacking end of the process...
First of all, it is beneficial if someone is there to supervise the process of the moving people moving the boxes and shelving to and from. It will be beneficial however, if someone is not able to be there to supervise the returning and placing of boxes and bookshelves - to have the boxes lined up near the shelves/location where they will be returned, and the shelving placed EXACTLY where you want them measured out and maybe even outlined. We had to call the moving people back because the shelving was not placed straight on the new carpeting. Also, it took a couple of trips for the moving company to get the older metal shelves back in "safe" shape after putting them back in the media center. DO NOT TRY TO REPAIR THEM YOURSELVES... I would say this about the wooden ones as well.

Leah G. McIlvain
Thunder Hill Elementary School

Make a map/drawing of LMC.

On map/drawing, label each type of collection: Fic, Nonfic, AV, Ref, Prof
Decide on 5+ colors, one to denote each type section.
You will use the appropriate color sheet on each box for visual redistribution and unpacking of boxes.

Now label Sections/shelves, on map, with Unit #. I used Unit and Shelf as a separate description because I had 4 to 6 individual shelves in each unit. (FIC, Unit #1, Shelf 1-4, etc.)

I created my label with all possible options so that I could easily circle the type of collection and then I could fill in Unit and Shelf number as I pre-hung it on the shelf.

Hang/tape an individual color sheet with ID info on each Unit and each Shelf to be attached to box as packed.

As each box is packed, tape the appropriate color sheet to box (probably on a side of box as boxes will be stacked when stored.)
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All this pre determination and labeling helped greatly when the boxes came back into the LMC. I could direct the boxes to the appropriate areas and shelves.

You will have to be prepared to re-label the Shelving/Units when they are brought back into the LMC. (My room was void of everything, every shelf, table, circ. desk, when carpet was laid… wall to wall nothing. Quite shocking, actually.

Jan Kehrli
Patuxent Valley Middle School

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FIRST, order 3-4 packing tape dispensers as these will make your life so much easier. We used them not only to seal the boxes but to secure pictures and diagrams to the wall. We took pictures of our media center before dismantling, then taped those pictures to the walls and columns to provide guidance to the movers. We also made a few packets of pictures to give to the movers and our administration supervisor. We numbered EVERY piece of furniture (tables, chairs, desks, shelves, etc.)with masking tape and wrote the corresponding numbers of the pieces ON the pictures (for example, we wrote "tables 3,4 and 5 are in this arrangement with shelves 45, 46, 47 behind them"). The boxes were labeled with the shelf number directly on the box to avoid papers tearing off or falling off due to humidity. You could color code the markers to your different collections. The movers seemed to appreciate the visuals and our move went very smoothly. Our movers were extremely friendly, hard-working and on time. The carpet company, however, was 3-4 weeks off our promised schedule. Good luck!
-Atholton High Schoolexternal image %2F%2F%2FC%3A%2FDOCUME%257E1%2Fcpilcher.AHS%2FLOCALS%257E1%2FTemp%2Fmoz-screenshot.jpg

SNAGGED from the HCPSS site Packing Tips Wiki Page which is sadly guarded from your eyes!