Your Password will expire in ___days! Don't panic!

NEW for Spring 2017

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CREATE NEW KEYCHAIN (it's the middle choice & very important!)
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• Can't think of a new password? Add a # to a favourite one! like SmileyFaceEmoticon5 -- then the next time make it 6, then 7, etc!
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• Change your password & add a hint -- Want a super secret password? Check out the comic below!
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WHAT? That didn't work or you somehow didn't get a chance to follow these directions?
CALL 410-313-7004 option 1 with your HCPSS E number handy & they can usually help you over the phone

How to Reset a Student Password

Why You Must Log Out of Your Laptop EVERY DAY

Symptom: Hand in & Hand Out Folder have ??'s on the Dock
or Your laptop does not recognize your password anymore & just shakes at you?

The problem is that when you leave the school EVERY DAY your laptop needs to be signed out from the server
before connecting to an outside wireless network (like you home, Starbucks, etc.)

Then your home wireless network (Verizon, Comcast, etc.) needs to be signed out from before bringing back into school every day.

Basically, you need to log out & shut down before you leave school & when you go to bed at night
(or you leave your home network) This will also help with active directory accounts otherwise there may
be a day when you finally do log out of your laptop & it won't let you back in!

Why!? That's a super pain in the butt!
I know, right? Because your connection to our server will get super messed up if you just can't close your laptop lid & walk out the building - that's when your laptop will stop being able to "see" our network to be able to connect with the school server that runs the Hand in Hand Out folders and you get
all those ????'s on the right side of your dock.

It's a pain for sure but then again you gotta remember that Howard county gave each of its teachers a nice Macbook laptop
- most districts don't do that :-) So it's worth a few managing extra steps to keep it tip top!
CLC Email Password:
Please don't ignore the change password message. Starting this year if a user ignores the change password message without changing their password for an extended period of time they are in danger of losing their account & all stored email. Some people have ignored the change password request for longer. :-O

TIPS for PASSWORD Storage:
• Store your laptop, CLC, & Aspen passwords on your Cell Phone! Use the notepad feature or text yourself! (Thx Jessica Byrd!)
• Email your school passwords to your home or Gmail (or Yahoo!, Verizon, MSN, or even AOL -lol) account
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Please remember that if you forget this password or if it doesn't work you have to call 410-313-7004 with your Employee Number (same as if you forget your CLC password) for assistance.

Any questions? email or stop by & we'll be happy to help!

Also, if you're having problems logging in at home, try turning off your wireless before logging out. You'll need to make sure you're connected with an Ethernet cord to ensure you've properly disconnected from the server at the end of the day.

What the heck is a KEYCHAIN Anyway!???????
(for Hakim LOL)