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What is Podcasting? & Uses in the Classroom
How to Use Odeo Studio!

Why Podcast?

"With a few easy steps, anyone can create a podcast to showcase a student's work, advertise your academic program or just for fun! Includes the PPT presented at the MICCA 2007 Conference as well as a handy tip sheet!"

Lori Frederick - Library Media Specialist - Oakland Mills Middle School
Contact: lori_frederick AT hcpss (dot) org

Why Podcast?

"give your students a voice! kids make a real connection to any product when they can talk about it or express opinions, thoughts, or state reviews. even reading excerpts from books, poems, or journals is a powerful way to give ownership over creativity."

~gwyneth jones - Library Media/Technology Specialist - Murray Hill Middle School
Contact: gwyneth_jones AT hcpss (dot) org

Most of the examples of Podcasting@MHMS can be found on the our Media Blog!

But below in Audio Examples are links to some of the highlights of what we've done here to promote our kids and our school!

Audio Examples: the Power of Podcasting in Action!

readingS.jpgexternal image 146220833-S.jpg

Oakland Mills Middle School - Lori Frederick - Library Media Specialist - Oakland Mills Middle School
Working with different students, grades, and teachers she has showcased the literary and audio talent of her school!

Danielle Du Puis, Library Media Specialist at Forest Ridge Elementary School motivates her students to put their school newspaper articles online as podcasts! She also has a Media Blog that communicates with students and parents in her community!

Other Great Podcasting and Audio Resources!

the FREE Audio recording studio site! LOVES it! To find out how to make your own Odeo Podcast in mere minutes go to How to Use Odeo Studio!
..one Quick Mac Tip: Don't forget to adjust your internal input mic a bit higher in your system prefs SOUND folder.
Need/want a tutorial? Here it is.... - OdeoStudio Tutorial - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4569509041207232845

The following Audio Links were totally snagged from this exceptional Art & Technology Teacher/Guru from PG County, MD - i swear, it's jealous i am of:

external image 6a00cdf39e22b5cb8f00cdf7e5d123094f-50siThe Art Guy

Visit his pages...Academic Aesthetic Lite

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More GREAT resources can be found on the Art Guy's Awesome Wiki: Free Online Resources

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Hosting Images - Smugmug http://smugmug.com/ yes, this costs $ and i am notoriously parsimonious (i HATE paying for ANYthing online but my occasional Sephora and Amazon habit)......but man oh man do i love this site! easy one click uploads of HUNDREDS of digital images...put 'em into galleries, password them, sort, organize, share, download, buy...all with super friendly customer service....i've been a member for years....my kids love it!