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Pokemon Go Scavenger Hunt

From my Google Drive Lesson Plan!
Objective: Capitalizing on the engagement of the PokemonGo App game, students will use digital devices and QR Codes to explore the Library Media Center and discover important sections, features, and resources and reveal hidden and very rare Pokémon.

Grade level: 6-8 (Could also work with upper Elementary)
Duration: 30-40 minutes.

Teams or Individuals: I like to allow students to choose to work alone, with a partner, or with team of three. Just as long as each team or kiddo has a device to use so no one feels left out. The digital divide is real, my friends - let’s never let a kid feel marginalized in our pursuit of the digital cool. I have 5 devices (including some of my own) that I let kids use.

What you'll need:
  • First, you can save this lesson to your Google drive by going up to FILE > Make a copy & rename it so you can print, edit, or modify it for your school in Google Docs. You can also download it as a MS Word Doc and modify away!
  • It would be nice if you kept my name at the bottom, but this is all Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike Attribution and I’m not really going to lose sleep any over it! But, if you do adapt it and change it, I’d LOVE if you would share your version with me and the world! That would be super cool! W00t! __@GwynethJones__
  • Printable Pokemon scavenger hunt worksheets are below. 3 versions: One blank for kids to discover the Pokemon and write down their names & CP points, one with the names listed already for faster playing, and one just a checklist of the location clues for a super quick activity.
  • __PokemonGo Flickr Gallery of Clues__ I created these graphics using Adobe Photoshop Elements & a template - template will be available for download on my __Wikipage__ But you’re on your own with Adoble Photoshop! It’s a tough learning curve & I’m still learning, too! LOL Tip: YouTube has great instructional videos for it!
  • QR reader on iPad or student cell phone – I recommend iNigma –works on all OS’s
  • You can download the FULL Lesson with all the printables from my Google Drive!
  • OR....you can download the pdf below! (But you won't be able to make your own modifications)
  • If you want to create graphics using photos from your own school library, best to have Adobe Photo Elements and the template you can download here:

Pokemon Go Scavenger Hunt
Set Up:

1. Decide what your top 10 important locations will be in your Library Media Center. I included my Pokemon search list worksheet as an example, but you will probably want to change at least some of them. Edit your list to reflect these locations.

2. Print the QR codes (I inserted the screenshot .PNG’s on for easy printing - see below)

3. Write the location on each QR code. For example, if the students need to find the printer, write "printer" underneath the QR code. This helps if QR Codes for 2 locations are close together, if they get mixed up, or to set up for next year.

4. Place the QR codes around the library or other space you are using. I suggest putting them plain sight on top of each location, but you could hide them if you want to make it a bit more challenging.

5. Walk through the scavenger hunt to make sure it works. Or, have a volunteer kiddo or small class to “test drive” the lesson first. Make sure to scan the QR Codes to be sure they work.

Directions for students:

You can start anywhere on the Pokemon search list worksheet. Find the item or section in the library and look for the QR code, which could be located in plain sight or hidden. When you scan the QR, the Pokemon Pokémon name and CP point will appear on your screen.

Write the Pokemon CP point on the square for that location. (You can pick a square and do the first one with the students as an example.)

After you have found all the Pokemon you can, for a bonus prize, add up the points with the calculators on the tables! (Optional - may not have time) Consider giving out a scratch–n-sniff bookmarks (or similar inexpensive treat) for finished worksheets.

Modification: You can add the names of the Pokemon at the bottom of the blank list if you’re worried kiddos would have trouble spelling them. Cut & paste the following and put it at the bottom of the chart. Don’t worry, I mixed them up!

Look for: Omastar - Vaporeon - Machamp - Pikachu - Charmeleon - Snorlax Dragonair Charmander - Charizard - Charizard - Ditto

During the activity:
Walk around and help any student or group having trouble. Let a little running happen, it’s ok for now – as long as they’re engaged.

NON QR Code or Mobile Device Variation.
You could print out the Pokémons from my __Flickr gallery__, laminate them, and hide them around the Library Media Center. You could also forgo all the Photoshop and add the Pokémon name and CP points onto the Pokémon using the FREE photo editing website __Picmonkey__. Kiddos

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