Do you know how much space you have left on the server? moz-screenshot.jpghelpcompressed.jpg

Are you getting strange error messages or can't save things? then you should check how much space left you have on the server and see if it's time save & clean your folders and files!

Each teacher has 500 megabytes allotted to them on the server. If you go above the allotted amount, you may experience synching errors or a loss of files.

Please take a moment to check the amount of space you have left on the server. * If you plan to come to the computer file clean-up on 5/8, we will check this on that day. If not, follow the directions below.

1.) Double click on the "storage" globe that is on your desktop.
2.) Look at the bottom of the window to see how much space is available on the server (this is not your hard drive).
3.) If you only have KB (kilobytes) left, then start making organizing folders, save important documents, delete old files and clean up...
save large files on a flash drive or burn to a CD and Back UP Your Files..... after you're done that EMPTY your TRASH...
then go up to the houses on your toolbar and choose Sync Home Now. Logout of the computer...then log back in and check it again.
Still not working? .....Please email Gwyneth & Linda so we can help you.