Super Marvel-ous Comic Creator: The Lesson

Create a Marvel-ous Superhero Comic

I spent such a fun week working with Mrs. Michaelson's amazing students to create Super Marvel-ous Comics!

We used the Marvel create a comic generator and though it had some quirky side-effects - our saved .PDF's didn't look the same as what we had on our screen! Some of our backgrounds disappeared and some had extra speech bubbles that I swear weren't there when we saved them! Maybe we should have just taken screen shots??

Want to upload your comics to a Wikispace page or blog? Easily convert & save the .PDF's to JPEG using Apple Preview!
Open .PDF in Preview (double click on it) then go to Save & Drop down to choose JPEG!
external image export-pdf-as-jpg.jpg
That’s all there is to it, the new JPG will be in the same directory as the PDF it came from unless you specified otherwise.