Below are several helpful hints on managing your TeacherEase Classes

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To: Select which class(es) will receive the announcement.
Post a copy of this announcement: Indicates whether you’d like to keep a record of your announcement in TeacherEase.
Note: To send the same message to all of your classes all at once, highlight all the classes. Click the first class on your list with your mouse, hold the shift key on your keyboard and then click the last item on the list. This will highlight all of the classes in the list. You can now send an announcements just like normal and it will reach all of your classes.
Note: Announcements can also be useful to communicate by groups, teams or clubs. Just create a class for each group and send them announcements. When creating these classes you might want to check “Hide From Parents.” This way, parents will not see these classes when they login and will not expect a grade to be given.