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First Time in the Lab: What to Do!
(or first time with the mobile lab, too!)
Helpful hint: Print out or have handy on your laptop the student login matrix graphic below to help students remember their passwords. If a kid has problems logging in try it yourself just in case -sometimes their little fingers are wonky, bless their hearts!

Seating Chart for the iMac Lab

Technology Tip Chart: Rules of the Road


--->Reset a Student Password - or get one for a New Student!

Computer Lab Orientation PPT - 2014-15

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iMac Stationary Lab (Desktop)

• Have students login carefully
• Got a message about keychains? - tell them to click CANCEL & then click CREATE NEW Keychain (this should only come up the first time)
• Start up Firefox (our preferred browser over Safari)
• If/When student gets Firefox dialog box about making default browser - UNCHECK box & say YES!

Need to find the MHMS Learning Wiki? Want to make it the default home page?
• Have students type in top RIGHT Google Search bar: MHMS LEARNING
• Click on first hit: murrayhill - home
• Go up to FIREFOX in Toolbar (far left)
• Click Preferences ---> Homepage --->USE CURRENT PAGE

Student AlphaNumeric Logins!

The new student logins follow this format: first initial, 5 letters of last name, & last 4 digits of their student ID number
for example: gjones3821

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NEW Student Passwords!

Then the student will be creating a unique password using this formula: A food item: Berry, Peach, Pear, & Pizza and the last 4 digits of their student ID number - ALL Passwords should be written on the student's birthday page in their agenda book.

Login Problems?

New Student? Did they forget it? A hint should be written on their birthday in their agenda book
STILL Not Working!? .................Teachers, You now have the power!

If they forget their password, you have a new student, or it doesn't work TEACHERS will now have the power to immediately reset them using this link: https://secure.hcpss.org/accounts. This link will ONLY work on the HCPSS Network.
The teacher should login to the HCPSS Accounts site with their network login (NOT CLC) & look up the student by last name, & reset.
Student must immediately create a new password please using A NEW menu choice & phone # or hcpss student # convention.

Emergency Guest Login

If all should fail, and all you need to do is research (not print) then you can use

Yes, It's on the Wiki!

More info about all things geek can be found on our Tech Wiki! http://thedaringlibrarian.wikispaces.com/iMacComputer_Lab
Can’t find what you’re looking for? Use the handy Search feature!
If it’s NOT on the wiki, I’ll give you a prize! (and then add it to the wiki!)

Mobile Lab Storage

A calendar will be posted at the storage "home" of each of the mobile lab. Please sign out labs for less than a week at a time. All labs are used during seminar & must be returned to storage area by the end of EACH DAY to be ready for the next day's classes.

MAP Laptop Lab or COW 1-6 Labs Troubleshooting:

Not connecting? Not Working? Funny Message?

Try restarting laptop....HOLD Down the power button until light goes OFF (not pulse) and the count to 6 and press to restart

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRRQSpskvijZwn5GiTShzfLvGUOHdr24rfnEZZxbb5I2leOe-38

Look to see if the wireless connection is on (bottom corner - looks like a tower) Press FN + F2 to restart

Smart Usage!

Please utilize the mobile lab that’s on your floor, closest to your area, & matched with the technology needs of the project. (Dell net books are great for Internet research but the Mac’s are better for multimedia creation)

external image 10945361566_a4beed21eb_z.jpgClick HERE or IMAGE to Sign Up for Computer & Mobile Labs
Mobile Lab Combination Locks
Math Mobile Lab - combination: 3141
Science Mobile Lab - - combination: 9989
Netbook Lab 1 - General Purpose - combination: 0000
Netbook Lab 2 - General Purpose - combination: 0000
COW - Computer on Wheels or MAP Testing Dell Labs - 5897

Computer Lab Tip Chart: Rules of the Tech Road

The MHMS tech rules of the road here can be downloaded below. Tiresome, but necessary, tech guidelines. Drink coffee before reading but please…. do read.

Sitting Pretty

Attached you will find a copy of the Computer Lab seating chart. For good classroom and lab management, it's a really good idea
To have a seating chart for when you bring your kids into the iMac lab. That way, if anything goes wrong with a machine or a violation occurs We can pin point more accurately who we should talk to. Transparent Accountability keeps kids from tinkering where they shouldn't. You may want to have the kids sit at the same machine time after time. too. Arrange the kids the way you want in the lab them pass along. The seating chart & have them print their names - so they know and you'll know where they are.

iMac Lab Schedule

The sign up calendar will be placed in the computer lab for sign-ups after computer orientations are done by the Science Team.
The schedule will go through end of the year but we might only put out a few months at a time. MSA & other standardized testing takes up months. We know.

Pencil Me In

When signing up for the iMac Lab or mobile labs, please be considerate of other teachers/curricula and limit duration to one week at a time or we may have to limit use to only 3 days. Please write in pencil on the sign up sheet - and don't forget to write your name not just the unit or lesson.

Standing Us Up?

If you've signed up for a lab, but realize you can't make it, please be considerate of others and erase your name. (Sending an email the MHMS conference about availability would be a nice thing, too!)

Necessary Techiness

You must have a lesson plan to be in the iMac Lab, we do not bring students to the lab for “playing” or as a reward. That is against HCPSS computer use policy.

Just in Case

You should have a backup NON-Tech lesson plan ready in case the network goes down

Save Time!

You may want to print out a hard copy of the NEW Student computer logins to have handy in case students forget. (see attached )

Sad but True

Free searching (i.e. Google, etc.) is not allowed in any Howard County Public School – Please use our Databases.

No Sub Plans

You may NOT use the computer or mobile lab as a sub plan. Substitutes, Student Interns, and instructional assistants are not allowed to bring students to the lab without a cooperating teacher for any reason.

Bless You!

Please remember to bring Kleenex with you to the lab.

Cut us a Break

Please bring students into the iMac Lab from the hallway & don't cut through the Library Media Center.

Our old password matrix: