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How to Use Odeo Studio!

Learn how to use the power of podcasting to easily record public service announcements, classroom project blurbs, and cross-curricular programs. From student book reviews, technology tips, literary voices, to online news capsule clips, podcasting can be a voice to students, families, the community and the world. Products covered: Odeo, iWeb, iTunes, GarageBand, Podcast Factory, and others for both Mac and PC!

What is a Podcast Anyway?

“A podcast is a method of distributing multimedia files, usually (but not limited to) audio in the MP3 format, over the Internet to subscribers. Anybody can be a subscriber--all you need is the proper software to receive the subscription, just like you need a mailbox to receive your magazine subscriptions.”

Jeffrey Branzburg. Make your voice heard! Creating a podcast is easier than you think.(How To). Technology & Learning 27.3 (Oct 2006): p32(2). Source: GALE

"Among the hottest trends going, podcasting lets users download audio files from the Web, store them on digital music devices, and play them at one’s leisure. Commercial outfits and chatty bloggers alike are podcasting, and so are progressive educators who are beginning to adopt the communication tool to captivate their students." Quote from the article: Tell Me a Story - 912005 - School Library Journal

bulb.jpgPodcasting Ideas for the Classroom:

For reading month or just for reading appreciation have kids write and record book reviews. Take a picture of the student holding their favorite book! Post on your Media or classroom blog! Here's an EXAMPLE from our BLOG

• Advertising is something that could be made to be a fun part of your podcasts. If students learn about persuasive writing and the tricks of the advertising trade they could read magazine and web ads to try and emulate these advertising tools (from The Education Center, Inc. THE MAILBOX Intermediate April/May 2001 issue)

• Record bilingual podcasts of the school’s daily news, book reviews, the lunch menu, important notices, or creative writing showcasing the diversity of your school!

• Using a live audience (the class) is something you may want to consider when recording your podcast. Some segments of your podcast may need laughs or claps so why not use your class. This way everyone is involved.

• Use the vocabulary of podcasting and radio broadcasting, like bumper music, segment and teaser as often as possible and incorporate them into the students new media language. You can get a list of these terms and more from the Radio Willow site, click here. Use of the language and lingo of broadcasting will help make the experience as authentic as possible.

• Produce a parent newsletter, or create an audio version of the school newsletter. This is a great way to start simply!

• Create a walking “Welcome to the School” podcast for new students! You can combine these with images and or an iMovie to create a virtual tour of the school!

• Create an online "Reading Buddy" Podcast. Have students read books onto a podcast. As they read have them make observations or ask prompting questions as they read. When the books are all read on podcasts other students can access them on line to read along with, at home or in class.

• Create a “Word of the Day” podacst (or week, month, etc.) Have kids read the word, pronunciation, and definition. Post it on the blog and invite people to make comments using the word in an appropriate sentence.

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