Second Life: A Virtual World for Educational Technology Professional Development

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ISTE has a whole island in Second Life! And there are a LOT of places to go there!

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(this is the NEW ISTE Island teleport hub!...below is the hub they had last year!)

Picture_18.jpg: Official site of the 3D online virtual world

Official website. Second Life is a 3D virtual world where users can socialize, connect and create using voice and text chat.

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Real Life Education in Second Life -- find colleagues and collaborators to help you with your education work in Second Life.

SLED Blog -

a "blog dedicated to the ins and outs of K-20 education using the Second Life® world. This blog is written by educators and for educators, for those who are seasoned Second Life veterans and for those just starting out, for those who are die-hards and those who are skeptics"

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Top News - '**Second Life**' develops **education** following

Nov 10, 2006 ... 'Second Life' develops education following Virtual world being used by some educators and youth groups for teaching, socialization ...

and..the awesome Kathy Shrock is there!
check out her:



And if you do a search in SL for Education...this is what you get...hundreds of hits!

but you might notice that most of the hits are not American or English...though a Sanfransisco company Linden Labs created SL....the universities and education institutions in other countries have embraced it faster than their American counterparts......why?
Here is how the search looks in April 2009 and as a Professor at the Caledon Oxbridge University i'm proud to see that NCI Caledon is number 1!! garnering 25,000 visits from Newbies who want to improve their SL skills..they can walk through the halls and learn the basics. I'm going to take pics of that and share them here later. If you want to learn how to get on in SL in a refined Victorian setting NCI Caledon is for you! Three cheers for the good Guvnah Desmond Shang!
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this was the search in 2008....NCI Caledon came up #5....what a diffference a year makes and the creation of the Caledon Oxbridge University!
Great work has been done to create that Sim just for Newbies to come and learn how to improve their Second Life.

One of the places you can visit on ISTE island