Many Voices, Many Stories, & Many Lands

....a Storytelling and Folklore Unit for Grade 6 English

a Canadian storyteller & Author "virtually visits" our school....

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From his Blog:

"Dale Gilbert Jarvis is the Intangible Cultural Heritage Development Officer for the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador, a storyteller, author and performer. Dale sits on the Board of Storytellers of Canada/Conteurs du Canada, is the founder of the St. John's Storytelling Circle, and serves as president of the St. John's Storytelling Festival, Inc."

After meeting Mr. Jarvis through the Storytelling Guild I belong to in Second Life he agreed to collaborate with us for this unit, sharing folktales and stories from his recently published collection The Golden Leg external image GoldenLegWeb.jpgand Other Ghostly Campfire Tales. The unit started with the usual background information about what things make a folktale, legend, and urban legend. After that introduction, the students came into the Media Center with the results of their story mining homework where they ask their family what stories they heard of as a kid or in the neighborhood where they grew up.

Using the homework assignment we sat around in the Library Media Center and shared the stories that we collected. I shared how I was cautioned to beware of The Goatman of PG. County, said to be a research experiment gone horribly wrong at the National Agricultural Research Center and who was known to carry an axe attacking pets and foolish children running the neighborhood after dark in Bowie, MD in the 1970's.

I then read a story from Mr. Jarvis's excellent book, the Golden Leg and Other Ghostly Campfire Stories which my students enjoyed greatly. Mr. Jarvis took over after that, telling stories to our kids "virtually" using the TeacherTube videos he created and that we posted below.

From TeacherTube: A traditional tale of a ghostly ship from Holyrood, Conception Bay, Newfoundland, Canada, told by storyteller Dale Jarvis, and adapted from his book

Storyteller and noted author and the Intangible Cultural Heritage Development Officer of Newfoundland and the Labrador Islands Mr. Dale Jarvis adapated and retells folktale from India. In the story, Death creeps into Paradise, and steals away a boy from his sister.

Gilbert Sapwood tells an Irish folktale in the Dakota Playhouse in Second Life.

Storytelling in Action!

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Student Research Worksheets, Homework and Project Sheets

Please feel free to use these in your classroom!

Other Storytelling Links:

The National Academy Foundation's Digital Storytelling Program

The National Academy Foundation, a leading educational reform organization with a network of over 500 college preparatory Academies organized around three career themes, and the Pearson Foundation offer digital-arts-based workshop programs for National Academy Foundation teachers and students across the United States.
external image naf2.2.jpgThese classroom-based sessions bring together two important tools for learning and instruction – project-based learning, and the effective development of key 21st century skills young people need to succeed in class and at work. For students, these classroom-based sessions combine digital arts, project-based learning, and the effective development of key 21st-century skills. For educators in National Academy Foundation schools, digital storytelling projects serve as an effective planning and school-planning instrument.

A thank you to Mr. Jarvis:

Dear Mr. Jarvis,
As a middle school Library/Media Technology specialist in Howard County, Maryland, USA I wanted to thank you for making yourself available to our students to via the web to enhance and enrich our 6th grade storytelling and folklore unit.

We greatly enjoyed the stories you had filmed and posted on TeacherTube and used them in conjunction with reading stories from your newly published book The Golden Leg and Other Ghostly Campifire Tales. We had the students ask their parents and family for stories they had heard, we re-told and shared them in the Library Media Center...then we listened to two of your stories on TeacherTube. We are a maritime area in the state of Maryland, USA and it was interesting to compare and contrast stories, legends, folktales and urban legends that were similar.

More stories you could record and post would only increase the effectiveness and richness of this unit, as we're teaching our kids how to TELL stories effectively as well as collecting, evaluating and sharing folktales. In other words, we love how you tell a story, Mr. Jarvis and we would love hear more!

Thank you again for your outstanding work that is appreciated and utilized far beyond the reaches of your island and your country!
Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones

the wiki we created to share the stories with our students:

the pictures we took during the lesson showing your videos to the students: