Airport Magic

..okay, so how do I turn off my airport?

YAY! great question!...

when you go into a "foreign" school (not yours but an HCPSS one running a MAC server) with your laptop you do need to turn off your airport ahead of time so that the server and laptop will let you log on...otherwise you'll get that annoying "shaking head no" login error because the foreign server won't recognize you on its list....

to do this:

  • Click on the wireless airport signal strength indicator in the upper right corner of your toolbar screen and select Turn off AirPort from the menu.

external image menu.jpg
NOTE: For best results, we recommend that you disable your wireless connection when using your wired connection, and re-enable it when you are using wireless, as it can conflict with Cisco Clean Access and authenticating your computer.

if you don't have the signal strength indicator on your toolbar....follow these directions.....

  1. From the Apple menu, select System Preferences.
  2. Click the Network Icon.
    external image system_pref.gif
  3. In the Show: field, make sure that Airport is selectedexternal image network_airport.gif
these directions totally snagged (with permission!) from Wesley College

external image w2.gif Macintosh OS 10.4/10.3/10.2 Notebooks