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Avatar Generators & Creators

An ever growing list of more than 21 websites & apps that you can use to create fun avatars. Some allow you to save the finished creation as a jpg for free. If not, then use the print screen button to copy the screen, paste into a paint program, crop and save as a jpg.

For MACs use either Shift + Command + 3 to take a whole screenshot OR Shift + Command + 4 to cut out a square around the desired part of the screen.

If one of these sites is blocked by your firewall, go on to the next one....OR....do this at home! To see how I made my super hero avatar - it's Go!Animate & deets at the very bottom!

Be an Avatar Superhero Ninja!
external image 7631245822_18440d6e3d.jpgI wrote an article Its a Cartoon! It's an Avatar, 20+ Super Sites to a New Animated You!for SybaSigns of Australia about this topic and this is the companion wikipage! Visit the blog post to download the article PDF from SybaSigns or from Slideshare (can also be embeded!)
Tweet me @GwynethJones or leave a comment on the afore mentioned companion blog post if you have another site to share!

Tablet Apps

NEW! Futurama Head-in-a-Jar Creator

By Comedy Central
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This first NEW one is not a site, an APP - for the iPhone, iPad, or Tablet & it's FREE! --
Use link or go to the App Store & search for "Futurama" iPhone & it will pop up!
Here's the final photo:
external image 7610977570_98e47189de.jpgGenerator TIPS!
Very important: Swipe from Right to Left to get your graphic options
Choose eyes, nose, hair, extras (Like YAY! Pearl Necklace &Tiara!)

Hair: The colours are limited so I had to Photoshop my hair to make it more RED!
Name (character space limits so I photoshopped The Daring Librarian onto blank)
Scene - you have the options of choosing different scenes, and yes! There is also a
BLANK one -- save that & you can magic erase the background, save as a transparent .PNG
& you can pop your head in jar into other pictures! FUN!
DONE & Save to your photos, your museum of heads, then go to your photo camera roll
and you can share via Twitter or FB (blech) but I sent it to my email so I could have it on my laptop so of course I could tweak it with Photoshop! SWEET!

(click photo on left for larger size & links to others in my experimental phase!)
Super thanks to **jake duncan** @**duncanbilingual** for exposing me to this COOL new generator!

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iMadeFace App

FREE iPhone (or Android) App iMadeFace Turns You Into a Cartoon via Mashable

My Blue Robot Avatar Generator

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Lego Movie Sig Fig

external image 19766633648_8661480202_c.jpg

external image 9377788403_3d925263e6_m.jpg The Great Gatsby Look

From the Warner Bros movie website, make your own dapper dandy & fabulous flapper! WARNING: Don't use with the kiddos as there are grownup alcohol related props. Use PicMonkey.com to crop & save for avatar use.
external image 9380575042_52237ea3f1_z.jpg
Super thanks to **jake duncan**

Become an abstract piece of work in the style of Picasso. Put your eyes and ears wherever you want!
(a big thanks to Tweep @ for this tip!)
external image 6993535998_dbd771a10b_o.jpg
Ever wanted to be a Simpsons character? Now you can create your own yellow-skinned doppleganger in the style of the Simpsons. (a big thanks to Tweep @ for this tip!)
external image 6993515322_3eb0e8b3b2_b.jpg
external image 7857904440_ff60b2883c_o.png
Super thanks to **jake duncan** @**duncanbilingual** for exposing me to this COOL new generator!
Create a mini version of yourself, add accessories. There’s plenty of scope for customization of your avatar.
Turn yourself into a South Park character!
external image 4783340783_d7b2c27d02_z.jpg
Turn yourself into a super hero character. This would also be great as a part of a digital storytelling resource or story starter.
Use this in case Hero Machine is blocked


What's a Bitstrip? It's an Online Comic Strip, Made by YOU! & Avatar Generators, Too!
See? from Australia the amazingly cool teacher **Owen Ikin** @**owenikin82**

Bitmoji Keyboard App

from the people of Bitstrips!
Screenshot 2015-10-10 17.57.17.png
Awesome resource suggested by our 6th grade Team Leader & Super Social Studies teacher, Ms. Daniller

OK, these Bitmoji's are a little addictive! Don't judge me but check out the cute animations in this Flickr Gallery!
Screenshot 2015-10-10 19.37.55.png

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Channel your inner CSI! --This site a bit like a police photofit.
Produce a lego character that looks like you. Or turn yourself into a Stormtrooper wizard. Is up to you!

Great site pointed out to me by the author of The Book Chook blog- Susan Stephenson via a comment on my blog! YAY!
Screen Shot 2012-07-22 at 11.08.26 PM.png

external image 7337339556_83de689494_c.jpg
From the Wildlife Conservation Society: Create an avatar out of bits and pieces of humans and other animals – head, arms, legs, clothes, eyes, mouth, tail, wings, shells … just pick the parts you like and assemble them together, choose a background, and at the end you'll get animorphtastic name & description!
Create a Mii in the style of the characters found on the Wii computer console.
Screen Shot 2012-07-22 at 11.16.23 PM.png
"It's a lot like playing dress up dolls online, and it works really well." - Another great site pointed out to me by the author of The Book Chook blog- Susan Stephenson via a comment on my blog! YAY!

Create your own comic strips, Publish, Share & Discuss - WARNING- immature community content.
allows students to create their own comic strips populated by their own characters. They can choose how many frames they want for their cartoon, and the simple editor makes it easy to drop their characters into a story.

Cartoon yourself in the popular style of Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series!

  • external image 7156467955_c892ceb630.jpg
Clay Yourself lets you create a version of yourself in modelling clay. Lots of choice. (Thanks Lara for the link!)
A quick way of producing a sketch version of yourself. Limited choice of options.
from the movie!
Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 10.30.05 AM.png
This lets you recreate yourself in the style of the characters from the Movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World!
NOT FOR the students. Fans of the TV show Mad Men can creates a sharp dressed 60s avatar of themselves.
external image 5631203548_b34e29d716_z.jpg
(Avatar by Go!Animate & graphic design by me & ComicLife)

external image 5731649381_c55c045301_o.pngMy FAV! Create Your Own Go!Animate Character

with their Character Creator and Watch the animation & get the whole Comic Tutorial Wikipage

external image 5440098252_d69a0574b6_m.jpgexternal image 5440097660_ec6e20c0f6.jpg

GoAnimate Basics by gwynethanne on GoAnimate

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From a comment by John McLear Here is an Avatar Comparison tool you might like

And just for fun,
Superhero Sayings

Comic Classroom & Student Involved Ideas:

Creating Comic Strips with Google Presentations by Eric
Avatars Teach Teens About Self-Image


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This Wikipage inspired by and shamelessly adapted from the amazing post by Danny Nicholson and his wonderful blog:
16 Avatar Generators for Profile Pictures and more
"If you want more of these sites, the full list can be found on my Delicious list here: http://delicious.com/dannynic/avatar
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