Document Camera Magic!
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One of the coolest pieces of recent technology to hit the classroom is the document camera. It is basically a mounted camera attached to a digital LCD projector that allows you to project documents and other objects onto the board for your class to see.

If you are only using your document camera as an overhead projector, you are really missing out on the possibilities. Connecting your laptop or computer adds functionality to this device and is easy to do! See the bottom of the page for teaching tips WITH a DC, too!

I also need this page because I always forget how to hook up the things & I like having the pictures to show me how to do it! ~GJ

(Graphic by Michael Ahr - River Hill High School Media)


How to Set it Up, the PDF

How to hook it up to your LCD and your Laptop or Computer!

(Same thing works for Avervision)
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Most Document Cameras have a BLACK RGB Cable -- They must stay with the Document Camera
LCD Projectors have a BLUE RGB Cable -- They must stay with the LCD Projectors


If you have an AVERVISION and it's acting up 2 indications there's something wrong
1. If connected directly to the LCD but all you get is a blue screen
2. If connected with a laptop and an LCD - will show laptop but NOT the Document Camera
Solution: Check to make sure that the RGB button on the side is set to RGB and NOT TV.
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Uses in the classroom & Teaching Tips

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