Library Media Paraeducator and Secretary
Library media paraeducators are assigned to all middle and elementary schools. Library media secretaries are assigned to all high schools. A library media paraeducator or secretary is necessary to relieve the library media specialist of many clerical tasks and assist with technology throughout the school. This paraeducator/secretary must acquire a thorough knowledge of the school library media collection and program, and should be able to assist students and teachers in their use of the library media center.
The library media paraeducator/secretary may:* Supervise the circulation system and other routines* Perform office jobs, especially typing of reports, etc.* Supervise “housekeeping” tasks necessary to keep the library media center neat and attractive* Work with individuals and small groups of students in such areas as book selection, reference, computer use, and media production* Assist students and staff with the use of computers and software* Perform any other duties assigned by the library media specialist.
ITEMS TO INCLUDE IN A LIBRARY MEDIA PARAEDUCATOR'S HANDBOOK* Ongoing List of Things To Do• Library Media Center Checklist of Things To Do* Schedules (Library Media Classes, Related Arts (including Delayed opening and Early Closing,Copier, Team Meetings, Recess/Lunch Duty)* Procedures (Responsibilities, Circulation Procedures, How to Keep the Shelves in Order)• Passwords* Class Lists* Notes
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This page was based on & created by my good friend:
Tammy Royo Sczepanski
Library Media Specialist, Instructional Team Leader
Related Arts Team • Hollifield Station Elementary School
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