A few important things about your MacBook AIR!
(& a few stuffs for those Dell netbooks, too!)
Well, looks like I'm going to have to start over on this whole wikpage! Whew! The things I do for you, but that's OK - you're worth it!
We're going to be learning this all together & I will be emailing stuff as it comes along - but if you missed or deleted the emails I'm gonna put them here, too!

NEW! When your laptop stops working or does something wonky, restart it. Don't turn it off and turn it back on, go to RESTART. 7 out of 10 times that fixes most all problems.
IF something else goes wrong, drop by or shoot me an email and I'll do what I can w/ tips & advice. BUT, because I lost my full time wonder asst. Ms. Kathi Bell - we're asking all teachers to call in their own computer repair issues by calling

Technology Help Desk

410-313-7004 -- with NEW Menu Options! (Thanks Ms. Byrd!)

  • #1 Login/Password Help
  • #2 Synergy
  • #3 Canvas(London)
  • #4 Computer Repair
  • #5 Telecenter Admin
  • #6 Audio/Visual
  • #7 Employee Online Support
  • #8 Smartfind
  • #9 Teachscape ?
  • #0 All Other Calls

Do you have a new device? Cool! You are required to register

it online at the HCPSS Assigned Technology Device Agreement page. Thank you!

external image 34569997401_d23ce25779_c.jpg

NEW for Spring 2017

external image 33036680242_386745c15b_c.jpg

A few questions that have come up & of course, I'll be adding these to our Wikipage!
NEW For FALL 2016 -
external image 20649249894_226666c2a9_c.jpg

The Launchpad

- to see other applications/windows that are open can be access by pressing F4
OR you can search for the word Launchpad & put the little rocket icon in your dock
OR you can customize your Trackpad to bring it up w/ 4 fingers - You can Watch the Video about it!
Go to > Apple System Preferences > Trackpad


When launching MS Word the first time you have to read & follow the prompts, clicking GET STARTED then choose Colorful or Classic look - then START USING - if you have your computer hooked into your LCD projector the size might be wonky & you won't be able to see it.


So, I've had this thing for an hour or so and already I filled it up - Got the bad ERROR Msg
Startup Disk is Full - that's because I installed my Dropbox & it automatically synced ALL my folders and files - like ummm 1000+ GB....Ooops! I had to go into my DB preferences and only choose a few of the folders to be synced. [smacks forehead] If you can't find it, I'll be happy to show ya!

These computers do not have as much storage as other laptops (that's why they're so light ;-) So, please don't overload with lots of pictures, music, PPT's, etc.


DVD Player there's a fix to make it work in iTunes!

NEW EXCITING TIMES! When you have a question & if I'm not available, Google "Macbook Air _" somebody has surely asked it before and can be found, usually with pictures, on the aethernets! Remember, I'm learning along with you! I DID find out how to add my beloved STICKIES to the dock.

For everything you ever wanted to know about your MacBook the following are slides taken from a replacement plan presentation that relate to frequently asked questions. Ask me for hte original it's too huge to upload or embed here. Are we missing anything? Feel free to add it or let us know.
Thanks! Also to my Non-HCPSS or MHMS visitors? Welcome! Some of this stuff is particular to our district but feel free to use everything else!

Can't Log In? Here's a few helpful tips!

Set your time to HCPSS time! Only a few min off can mean no logging into the HCPSS network!

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 2.46.52 PM.png

Need extra time help? Try the HCPSS Configurator

NEW! Reporting Computer & Printing Issues

Up here in Media, we're learning the new normal with losing the full time assistance of Ms. Bell, my standardized testing duties, & balancing that with how to still provide you with tech services in a timely manner. Therefore, we are going to change how we do things a bit with reporting tech, computer, & printer issues.

When you have a computer, printing, password /login, or hard drive issue, please call the:

Technology Help Desk

at 410-313-7004

When you call give your name, HCPSS employee E#, device make, model, & HCPSS Silver AV Tag #, school, room number, & describe the issue

Before you do that, however, try and troubleshoot yourself.
  • Restart the computer
  • Check to see if it's connected to our wireless network
  • MHMWirelss - Password baseballMHM
  • Search the wiki for step-by-step directions
  • Email me to have a 1:1 consultation & troubleshooting session
  • LCD Projector? Clean your filter & check your dongle

If all that fails call the help desk.
Teacher Password & login issues are always HELP Desk
When you call, they will generate a work ticket & inform our technician who usually comes in on Friday. We will also get a copy.
Tech issues reported after 12pm on Thursdays will be seen the following week.
All tickets are seen by priority level & date submitted.

PLEASE DO NOT grab our technician John if you see him in the hallway and report the issue verbally- it's just bad form to "hop the line" or commandeer him. A work order ticket must be generated first. If you continue to do this "no soup for you!"
Kidding. It's just not cool. "You don't want to be all uncool" (Countess LuAnn)
Thank you for your support & understanding!

Why You Must Log Out of Your Laptop EVERY DAY or at least Twice a Week

Consequence: Your computer forgets what server it's connected to & you're LOCKED OUT of it.

You just can't close the lid of your laptop take it and go. The problem is that when you leave the school EVERY DAY your laptop needs to be signed out from the server
before connecting to an outside wireless network (like you home, Starbucks, etc.)

Then your home wireless network (Verizon, Comcast, etc.) needs to be signed out from before bringing back into school every day.

Basically, you need to log out & shut down before you leave school & when you go to bed at night
(or you leave your home network) This will also help with active directory accounts otherwise there may
be a day when you finally do log out of your laptop & it won't let you back in!

In a pinch? Password not working? & Just need to get in?
Guest Login
Login: hcpssguest
Password: hcpss

Why!? That's a super pain in the butt!
I know, right? Because your connection to our server will get super messed up if you just can't close your laptop lid & walk out the building - that's when your laptop will stop being able to "see" our network to be able to connect with the school server that runs the Hand in Hand Out folders and you get
all those ????'s on the right side of your dock.

It's a pain for sure but then again you gotta remember that Howard county gave each of its teachers a nice Macbook laptop
- most districts don't do that :-) So it's worth a few managing extra steps to keep it tip top!

STAGING & Long Term Sub FAQ from Technology Logistic Center

What does Technology Logistics Center provide?
  • Processing new technology Purchase Orders below the count of 10 units. Large orders go to our subcontractor, DNI.
  • Asset tracking in CID
  • Long Term Sub laptop kit distribution
  • Paraeducator iPad Minis deployment
  • Refurbishing returning laptops for redeployment

Who is the Logistics Center?
  • Logistics Center is the Warehouse. Logistics Center was a new name instituted in 2015.
  • Logistics Center is now located in Elkridge, MD.

Can I use sharpies and/or stickers on new equipment?
  • No. Do not mark laptops, tablets, and power cables with permanent markers or stickers.

Can a teacher take the assigned laptop from one school to another when transferring?
  • Yes, if the same teacher will be using the laptop.

Can a long-term sub take the assigned laptop to another sub assignment or school?
  • Yes, if the same sub will be using the laptop.

Can I save a long-term sub laptop for another sub?
  • No, laptops should be returned after the sub assignment is finished.

When does the LTSub turn in their laptop kit?
  • At the end of the current SmartFind assignment.
  • If the sub is starting another assignment fairly quickly, information should be given to Clara Casey.

Do I need to notify anyone of the laptop transfer?
  • Transfers can be done in CID by the Media Specialist, or
  • Emailing Jim Bageant or Clara Casey about the transfer request.
  • Once a device is returned to the Logistics Center, it is verified in CID as being received at the Warehouse (WHSE).

Can I give a laptop or tablet from an outgoing teacher to an incoming teacher?
  • No, laptops and Paraeducator iPad Minis cannot be shared between users. This is for data confidentiality and security purposes.
  • Laptops and Paraeducator iPad Minis should be returned to Clara Casey @ Logistics Center by submitting a Staging>Return ticket. Once returned, the equipment is then cleaned, reimaged, and given out to another user.

What do I do when a teacher retires or leaves HCPSS with their technology Equipment?
  • Laptops and Paraeducator iPad Minis need to be returned to the Logistics Center by submitting a Staging>Return ticket.
  • iPhones should be returned to the Telecommunications Dept.

What do I do with a regular size iPad when turned in?
  • Regular size iPads have been distributed by the different departments, i.e., special education, kindergarten, business department, etc. They should be returned to the department they were issued from.
  • Regular sized iPads do not come back to the Logistics Center.

Submitting Help Desk tickets
  • Returning Equipment: Staging > Return
    • For laptops, desktops, and Paraeducator iPad Minis.
    • Requesting a new employee laptop or Paraeducator iPad Minis: Staging > New > Technology Purchase
      • During the school year, the school has to request for a new employee.
      • Only during August is technology given a list of new employees.
      • Requesting a long term sub laptop (more than 2 weeks): Staging > Loaner > Long Term Sub
        • Data needed for all long-term subs: Start date, End date, SmartFind number, Name of sub, Name of teacher subbing for, and School.
        • Short-term subs do not get issued a laptop.
        • At this time, Technology is not providing loaner laptops for when computers are being repaired.

Little Known Cool stuff on your laptop:

Quick View on Mac - click once on a doc /jpeg /ppt on DESKTOP & hit the spacebar -> INSTANT PREVIEW! w/ clickable links! COOL!
Make your Cursor Bigger

Screenshot Power!

How to take a screenshot of any MAC 2 easy ways!
Take the whole screen - everything by pressing keys in order Command > Shift + 3
Take a selected part of the screen by pressing keys in order Command > Shift + 4 -- then use the mouse or trackpad to draw a square around what you want captured.
Image will end up on your desktop & you can drag it into iPhoto to crop & manipulate
OR... Go to and drag it into Edit a Photo to crop, resize, enhance, & write text over it! PicMonky is made of Win!

Desktop Docs & Folders & Why They Are Evil

Symptom: Slow Computer & Spinning Beach Ball of Doom
Another issue: having too much work or folders on your desktop. If your desktop has more than 500mgs of folders, docs, ppt's
it will have major operating issues. Slow to load webpages, slow start applications, the spinning beach ball frozens screen issue.
Best to only keep a few current folders / docs on the desktop & place all others into your DOCUMENTS folder.

That will make your laptop happy & run more consistently for ya!

Got Parts?

external image 5832235413_0859fbe058.jpg
Macbook Accessory Parts

Do You Know Where Your Dongle Is?

They're expensive - please keep your dongle handy. Just sayin. It's a good thing.

Which Side? Mac or Windows?

Switching from the MAC side to the PC Side ---> Hold down the OPTION Key at Restart until you see the above screen.

Keyboard Changes for Windows Users


LCD Projector Displays

Always choose Show Displays in Menu Bar
Screen shot 2012-11-28 at 9.25.51 AM.png
Choose the display configuration that looks the best to you - not too big, not too small...sorta Goldilocks!

images.jpgHow to Download Chrome for MACS

How to Login - So Many Ways! -

Login protocols for Laptop Netbook

How to Create a Desktop Alias

(Because keeping lots of files & folders on your desktop will SLOW you down & ruin your MacBook (we all do it, just sayin!)

Changing the Dock

(I think they disabled this feature...not guaranteed to work :-(

How to Buy Microsoft office for Home