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Welcome back!

August Message

Come get the remote control for your classroom TV! Except for the portables, we store them for you over the summer - they're in a labeled box in the Media Center by room number.

If you need to have things laminated, we can help you!
We will be laminating every day for the next 2-3 weeks. Mr. Wilson is generously allowing Ms. Bell to help us get sorted this week with many tasks including AV equipment & laminating, which is usually a teacher Top Priority!

Pls make sure to put your name/room # in pencil or post-it on the back of what you want laminated, and leave it on the Laminating study carrel at the top of the Media Center. (There's a sign)

During the first 2 weeks we laminate all day long & can usually give you same day service.
During the school year and with our reduced staffing, we will aim for a 48- 72 hour turnaround.

BROKEN Laptop?
If you have an MacBook Air that's not working, please call 410-313-7004 OPTION #4
Work tickets are first come, first serve.

LCD Projector Care & Feeding
BEFORE You Use Your LCD Projector this Year - **Please Clean the Filter**
This will extend the life of your bulb by 2 years or 2million joules. (Not supported by science)
PLEASE NEVER Close the LCD Projector "Door" when turned on - it overheats the lamp and makes it burn out faster. And please turn it off whenever you can. It's good to be green.

Need an LCD Projector or Document Camera?
Please email Kathleen_Bell@hcpss.org or come by the Media Center & we will add you to our Tech Ticket Repair Clipboard list. Thank you!

I need to add new staff members to our school webpage. If you're new or not on our webpage, please email me your name / grade / title / team and after I add you, please double check to make sure I got it right! Better safe than sorry!

Computer Reservation Calendar
I'm working on setting that up for the 2016-2017 school year - with every holiday, every A & B Day, and blocking out for testing. Please be patient and remember,Kiddos CAN NOT BE ON the Mobile Labs or the Computers UNTIL they have computer lab training. ALL their passwords have been wiped out & they will need to create new ones which will happen through MATH classes. Your patience is appreciated.

Thank you!

**MHMS Tech Wiki**- for all your tech queries
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