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Click below for the HCPSS Google Apps for Education Login

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Google Apps for Education HCPSS Help Site

HCPSS Teachers: PLEASE Log OUT of your personal GMAIL before logging INTO our Google APPS For HCPSS and
Remember - it's your Active Directory login the kind for your laptop & your Outlook Mail:-)
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Great directions from the super cool @ericcurts
how to go paperless with GAfE & Google Drive!
**The Paperless Classroom with Google Docs**

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From the HCPSS Help website:
Google Contacts is a way to store and organize contact information about the people with whom you communicate.

Using the Directory:

-Using the Directory on the Public Side
-Using the Directory on the Private Side

Organizing Contacts:

-Importing & Exporting Contacts
-Creating Groups for Contacts

-Adding Contacts

More with Contacts:

-How to use Groups to Share Content

- What is Google Contacts?

How to Download Chrome for Mac

Google Tips for and from MHMS Teachers

Danielle's Google Apps Page

Uploading, Sharing, and Making Copy of Files

Download the PDF version!


8 Google Tricks for Your Classroom

Download this free eBook .PDF from Simple K12

How To Modules, Resources, & More!

Ten Reasons to Choose Apps
external image apps-35.gif **Module 1: Google Apps Education Edition**
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**Module 3: Calendar**

How to Create New Calendar

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Module 4: Docs**
Module 5: Sites**
Module 6: Other Tools**

Google Apps Lesson Plans

Document Spreadsheet Magic Example:

36 Interesting Ways* to use Google Docs in the Classroom (*and Tips)

MHMS PD Feedback & Google Form Example!

The Googleicious Preso (1-Private)

The Googleicious Preso (2-Public)

Chad Kafka's Googlepalooza

(Scroll up to the top for more!~ Sometimes embedded Google Presos take you to them right away as they load - bossy, huh?)

Doug Saunder's Preos

Embedding Widgets & Forms for Wikispaces

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