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iMovie takes a LOT of time to learn & master. Of all the iLife products, it's the hardest! Here are some ways to make it easier for you to find help!
The BEST way is to find YouTube videos that walk you through each step you need help with for the version of iMovie that you have.
Each version of iMovie can be very different and what works with one version may not work with another.
This is but one of the reasons it's a tough software package to master! :-) So, don't beat yourself up if it seems to take forever.
The average iMovie = 1 hour of work for 1 min of video.

Find your version of iMovie

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external image 15848584848_eb65429a88.jpgThe easiest way to find these videos is to Google: how to record voiceover imovie version 11 youtube (no quotes)
Which will get you this:

And here's a great video about it (I chose the 3rd one because that was our version)

How to EXPORT 2 ways

1. Share >Export using Quicktime
Make sure your project is in the top left hand pane otherwise these options will be "grey'd" out
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2. Share >Export Movie
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iMovie (2013): How to Export a QuickTime file